Most planets are on the eastern side of the Scorpio horoscope.
This is a period of more independence and personal strength to create conditions for yourself. You achieve your goals on your own strength without the help of others. Cooperation is always good, but according to your rules. The positive energy of Jupiter in your own sign is your secret weapon, Scorpio! October 2018 is the month of love, spirituality and finances.

Love and Relationships
Surrender to the magic of chance this month! Nothing happens just like that, everything has a reason. Similarly, every meeting. Don’t let any possibility pass you by.
With the support of Venus in Scorpio, you automatically attract love. Retrograde Venus in Scorpio brings you back to someone you used to know, someone still on your mind.
The single Scorpion finds love at a spiritual or creative meeting, fair or seminar. The Full Moon of October 24, 2018 falls into your House of Relationships. In the next four weeks there may be a proposal, promise, commitment, engagement or marriage. Not only in your private life the theme is connection, but also in your circle of friends and business life new commitments are made or broken. It can be an end or a beginning. Whatever happens, the end or beginning is a new way for all parties. The Full Moon is also a moment to review all your relationships.

Family and Home
Mars is also connected to Scorpio. Mars in Aquarius in the House of Family and Home shows a period of more energy to tackle domestic activities. By the fiery energy of Mars you want to take the lead at home and you can respond defensively and protectively. Because of the influence of Mars it is not always easy to approach your children or to understand them. Children can be very unpredictable, but whatever happens, they need your unconditional love and support.
October 2018 is the month to restore the harmony at home and to undertake activities with your family. Through the energy of the Red Warrior Mars in your House of Family and Home, all your efforts will certainly pay off.

The Full Moon of September 25, 2018 fell into your House of Work. Because of this cosmic influence, projects at work and at home come to completion. The Full Moon also indicates that the time has come to solve any problems with a business partner, colleague or customer.
October 2018 is the perfect month to do so and not to postpone it any longer.
In the first half of October 2018, a senior or superior can make life difficult for you. The high energy of Mars and retrograde Venus in Scorpio makes you assertive. But right now it is wise to take a step back. You seem to be missing your goal when you don’t. Wait for your chance, Scorpio. Take action by preparing things and sort things out. Conflicts can be very instructive and constructive. Conflicts can bring a good idea! A solution will be issued at the end of October 2018.

October 2018 is a favorable month for your finances. There is enough money to enjoy carefree and buy personal luxury, but also save money.
Especially from October 24, 2018, money can be earned through investments in trade and abroad. Travel, wellness, personal care and health also benefit from this energy and will yield a good return.
From November 9, 2018, Jupiter travels through your House of Finance and that means for the Scorpio an annual period of new financial possibilities and improvement of your financial position!

The New Moon of October 9, 2018 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness and Detachment. Because of this cosmic influence you have more need for relaxation in October 2018. Just get away from it to take time for yourself. Time for yourself to read a book, meditate and relax in the open air.
Regular exercising and a good and varied diet is essential to stay healthy and fit.
Take the decision to live a healthier life.
In the second half of October 2018 you notice the positive effects of regular exercising, sufficient sleep and healthy food.

The influence of retrograde Venus in Scorpio increases your attraction, but also means that you do not want to deny yourself anything. You are more focused on yourself, so cooperation is not immediately obvious. A conflict would be difficult to avoid.
Conflicts can be very educational. Mars is your planet of Health. Now that Mars is no longer retrograde, nothing stands in the way of choosing the healthy path.
Mars in the House of Family and Home encourages you to go outside.
Mother Nature is waiting for you in her beautiful colorful gown.

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