Your personal and universal solar cycle are in their growing phase, because
the New Moon of October 9, 2018 is in Libra! Congratulations, Libra!
The planetary forces are located on the Night side of the Libra horoscope.
The Night is about emotional well-being, inner peace and happiness, family and homely activities.
October 2018 is the month of creativity, of personal power, fighting skills, health, finances, love and relationships, travel and study.

Love and Relationships
October 2018 shows changes in your attitude towards love and relationships. The Full Moon of September 25, 2018 fell into your House of Relationships. This cosmic influence causes changes in relational matters in October 2018, such as a proposal or the conclusion of a business agreement. Whatever it is, it can be the end or a new beginning. A new chapter. The Full Moon is also a moment of evaluation of your relationships. The single Libra finds love at parties with friends, social gatherings and exhibitions. You feel attracted to free spirits, a bit different and glamorous!
Because of the influence of the New Moon in Libra you are extra attractive and make an unforgettable impression. Take into account that you want to love the influence of Mars at any cost. Not everyone understands this urge. Do not push, it will come naturally. Uranus in Taurus travels through your House of Soul and Intimacy until the beginning of November 2018. In your relationship, private or business, there may be uncertainties or unexpected events around money. High time to solve these problems, Libra.

Family and Home
October 2018 is the month of conviviality. The days are getting shorter. Time for creativity!
You want nothing more than to make things more beautiful and to apply color and accent to your life and your home. Nobody better than you know how to combine the colors into breathtaking pallet! You know how to turn the most annoying chores in the house into a pleasant activity. Children are your great source of inspiration this month!
Through the influence of the Red Warrior Mars in your House of Creativity you want to show who you are and what you can do. A strong creative energy, but because of this influence also combative and competitive. Your desire for attention and admiration is therefore stronger.
This can lead to friction in your interactions with others such as family members.

October 2018 is not a month to make progress for yourself. A month in which you take the lead and help others with their career goals, so a supporting role this month.
This month feels like nothing much happens. Yet you want to assert yourself through the high energy from Mars. But by working hard and long, you force things and by doing so you obstruct yourself.
Take action, just to prepare things and help others with their goals. Do the things you always wanted to do, but never had the time. Creativity is the theme in October 2018.
October 2018 is a favorable month for workshops, training or study.
Your friends know you better than anyone else and have great ideas for your career or what you should do. Open your ears wide, because these ideas are worth their weight in gold.

Venus is the personal planet for the Libra. Venus is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio on October 5, 2018. Scorpio rules the House of Finance for Libra!
The influence of retrograde Venus in the House of Finance is favorable, but can also be difficult. You want to spend more money than you can afford, you are also indulgent and more generous. This month, money is spent on creativity, luxury, parties and entertainment. It is advisable to put money aside. The Full Moon of October 24, 2018 highlights financial matters of others such as your friends, spouse, business partner, or loved one. Money is released from an insurance policy, tax, alimony, repayment or loan. Entering into financial partnerships and financial agreements such as investments and tenders are favored by the Full Moon until the middle of the following month. With this Full Moon the Libra sees the financial results such as dividend payment or return from investments.

The New Moon of September 9, 2018 fell into your House of Cosmic Consciousness and Detachment. Because of this cosmic influence, you also need more relaxation in October 2018 to recharge and refresh yourself. Take the time for yourself to be creative, read a book, meditate, study and relax. Soon things change!
October 2018 shows a favorable month for your health.
A regular visit to the gym does wonders. Playing tennis, ride your bicycle, swimming, dancing, no matter what you do!

Your planet is Venus. Venus is retrograde from October 5 to November 16, 2018.
During this period you can experience the feeling as if things are wrong or that you have no energy to get things done or that you are being thwarted. The opposite is true, because in most cases you work against yourself.
Use this inward-looking energy of Venus by focusing on solving problems in the relationship or social circle or by restoring something from the past that you haven’t had the time for.

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