The planetary forces are on the western sector of the Gemini horoscope.
The western sector means “the other”. The message of the Cosmos is clear:
You can only achieve goals through cooperation of others.
October 2018 the month of social contacts, creative pursuits, love, work and health.
It is time to take action to reach your goals with the help of others.
Finance and career can cause some concern.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of September 25, 2018 fell into your House of Friendships, groups and organizations. Something is coming to completion in your social circle and that is being celebrated this month.
October 2018 is the month of love! The single Gemini will find love in the workplace, in the neighborhood where you live or in a health center. It would be someone who is a bit older.
The New Moon of October 9, 2018 in the House of Love is the cosmic gateway to a new social period. This month a permanent relationship can be perpetuated or you will find true love! It can also be the start of a long-term business partnership.
Venus is your planet of love. Venus will retrograde from October 5, 2018. Processes are rather slow in the steady relationship and s new love builds slowly before revealing itself fully, so give it some time.

Family and Home
The New Moon of 9 September 2018 fell into your House of Family and House. Because of this influence, there is a change in your home situation such as a move, repair or renovation.
Perhaps this month you are busy clearing your cupboards, a new interior, buying a house or renting a house. In any case, there is a new beginning or restart in your private life.
Mercury is your planet of Family and Home. The influence of Mercury in the first half of October 2018 brings coziness, inspiration and creativity at home such as reading books and sharing common interests. A voyage of discovery at your home can lead to something great. In the second half of October 2018 you organize a nice dinner or party at home.

From October 5, 2018 retrograde Venus shows a period of stress in which you doubt about your work. Adjustments are necessary to ensure that you can function optimally. A job with better working conditions, a larger office or workplace is possible. You get the opportunity to praise yourself so that others can see your qualities or services. The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio through your House of Work and daily routine indicates a productive and efficient period until the beginning of November 2018. In the past months things have changed in your daily life. A period in which you became aware of your skills, but also with a desire for more freedom at work to do things in your own way. A frank exchange of thoughts and ideas is the best way to make clear what your real wishes are. Brainstorming brings ideas to light, thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio which can clearly make a difference. Listen to your friends and allow your friends to listen to you.
At the end of October 2018 you have earned a short vacation.

October 2018 shows a month in which not very many changes. Expect little or no growth.
As you know, the Moon is connected to the House of Finances for Gemini. That means that your financial situation is controlled by the ever-changing Moon and the aspects that the Moon makes with the other planets. Create a balance. Take care of your business, Gemini! Accuracy yields money, indifference leads to loss.
The Growing Moon from October 10, 2018 to October 24, 2018 shows the best financial period. From October 1 to October 9, 2018, the Moon is in its Waning phase. This is the best time to pay bills and make financial arrangements.

October 2018 is all about finding the balance. It is very difficult for Gemini to make a choice, so what is better than a good balance?
There is nothing worse for Gemini than listlessness, fatigue and boredom.
You need something new, something you really enjoy. Something that stimulates you mentally and fits your lifestyle.
The Full Moon of October 24, 2018 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness and Letting go. This is a period of rest, relaxation and meditation. Time to catch up on sleep or to take a short vacation. Relax and surrender to beautiful dreams.

Neptune in Pisces in the House of Career makes you insecure and that is why you do not know exactly which direction to take. It is advisable to follow the path where you are now and not to take any major business risks.
Saturn in Capricorn gives Gemini born in May an uneasy feeling as if they are being slowed down or opposed by the outside world. You have to stay focused on the financial level. Do not be lax or take the easy way. Take responsibility. You now get the chance to change stressful and uncomfortable situations for the better.
The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio shows that you do not have to go beyond your limits.
Give yourself time.


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