Most planets are on the left side of the Capricorn horoscope.
The left or eastern sector is about independence and personal strength to create conditions for yourself instead of having to adapt to others. You achieve your goals on your own strength without needing others. Cooperation is always good, but now it’s your turn, your rules.
October 2018 is the month of career and ambitions, relationships and your social life.
Your private life and health require some attention.

Love and Relationships
Uranus has been traveling through your House of Creativity and Love since May 2018. You will probably have noticed, all those sudden and surprising developments in your love life, such as an unexpected love that has totally changed your life or change in your relationship.
October 2018 is the month of openness. It is important to be as open as you can. Show who you are and do not hide yourself. Be honest and open. You are who you are.
The first half of October 2018 is overflowing with love. The single Aquarius finds love at work, during networking or a business appointment, but does not want a commitment (yet). It is more about friendship and connecting. The second half of October 2018 is dominated by renewal. Everything feels new and different. The Full Moon of October 24, 2018 falls into your House of Creativity and Love. From that moment on, this cosmic influence shows a pleasant period of creativity and going out, parties, networking, friends and social life.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of September 25, 2018 fell into your House of Family and Home.
In this way, October 2018 is all about something that comes to completion in your home or in your family. There are plans to relocate or there is an actual move that can be interwoven with your career. The Full Moon brings something new on the home front, such as a new project, renovation, new interior, a joint trip, family gathering or a change of address. The Red Warrior Mars rules over your House of Family and Home. Now that Mars is no longer retrograde, nothing stands in the way of realizing plans.

October 2018 shows a stormy period for your career. Doing business is a real challenge especially at the beginning of October 2018. The New Moon of October 9, 2018 falls into your House of Career. The planetary recipe for new success in your career! An important project that you started a while ago will see the light of day. In any case, something new that will open doors for you such as a breakthrough, a great chance of a promotion or new job, new business opportunities such as a new agreement or new negotiations, a new customer or more assignments for your company. The New Moon gives you more energy and an impetus for success, action and growth in mid-October 2018. You will have to deal with more responsibilities in the workplace, but that translates into an extra reward. You get support from others who have helped you before.
It should be noted that in the last week of October 2018, there may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing at work. At the end of October 2018 you have to make decisions.

The Red Warrior Mars in your House of Finance offers you the energy and ingenuity to make more money. October 2018 offers sufficient financial opportunities. Mars is no longer retrograde in the House of Finance. This influence guarantees an improvement of your financial situation so that you can meet your financial obligations. There will be some movement in current financial projects. Project restart and money comes in. October 2018 is a month with sufficient income, but there is a danger that you will become too enthusiastic with the consequence of incurred unnecessary expenses.

At the beginning of October 2018 you will realize the importance of relaxation. The first three weeks of October 2018 can be somewhat delicate. You are more susceptible to catching a cold or getting the flu. Take sufficient rest, even if you are busy at work.
You can also suffer from muscle pain. As if your body says: “Hey, don’t forget me!”
Treat yourself this month with a sauna or a nice massage.
From October 24, 2018, your energy level improves.
Swimming gives relaxation and improves your fitness. What else do you want?
Have a short break at the end of October 2018. You’ve earned it!

Be constantly vigilant in October 2018. Not everything or everyone is what it seems.
Especially at the end of October 2018. Take the time for yourself and for your private life.

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