October 2018 is the month of relationships and togetherness, love, travel, career and finances.
There is a planetary shift towards the top of the Aries horoscope, so the outside world is becoming increasingly important. Collaboration is the key to success.
Most planets are still on the western half of the Aries horoscope. It is about social skills and adaptability in order to achieving goals. Health requires some attention, Aries.

Love and Relationships
The month of October 2018 is a social month full of romance and togetherness. The New Moon in the House of Relationships of October 9, 2018 feels like a new beginning in love and relationship.
Venus is your planet of relationships. Venus will retrograde from October 5, 2018 in your House of Soul and Intimacy, which relates to connecting on a deeper level. A clean sweep and discovering new things. A new relationship is possible.
October 2018 is a great month to find the right partner. The single Aries wants excitement and likes a challenge, but is not ready for a commitment (yet). The second half of October 2018 invites you to take a beautiful journey with your loved one.

Family and Home
The influence of the partial Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 shows this month important developments in your private life, home and family, such as reunion, improvements in your home or living situation, your family relationship or family situation and a better emotional understanding. In any case, there are developments, social activities at home with friends or children. Expect unexpected visits. Your children or children in your family or immediate environment are successful in October 2018 or get good career prospects. October 2018 is all about conviviality. There are plans for a trip together or new interior. Be frank with a good friend, partner or family member at the end of October 2018. You really do need to get down to brass tacks.

in recent months, your personal planet Mars has paved the way to make progress in your career. The Node in Leo supports you with creativity and courage to put yourself in the spotlight. So come forward with that good idea for your company! Especially in the first half of October 2018 are the best opportunities. Team spirit is the best strategy to achieve success. Make the difference. Grab your chances, because a second chance is not guaranteed. The influence of Saturn and Pluto in your House of Career gives you a strong foundation for success, but you have to work hard for it. It won’t be an easy ride. You are now going to reap the sweet benefits of your commitment, but also pick the sour fruit if you have done less well. In the second half of October 2018 there is good news and a reason to throw a party!

Venus is your planet of finances. For a longer period, Venus will be traveling through your House of Shared Finance. A very favorable period for financial affairs. From October 5, 2018, Venus is retrograde. During this period you will gain insight into your own reactions and in the reactions of others. Make good use of it. You can count on financial support from your partner, social connections and career. October 2018 is a favorable financial month in which existing problems relating to real estate and insurance matters are resolved. This month you can attract new financial partners and investments for your company. The Full Moon of October 24, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. In the next two weeks, more money will be available to a different job or salary increase or more turnover in your company.

The asteroid Chiron travels through Aries again. Due to this influence of the wounded healer Chiron your attention is focused on the healing of old wounds and inner growth. The influence of retrograde Venus in Scorpio makes you delve into the realm of the unconscious and your inner self from October 5, 2018. The first three weeks of October 2018 are demanding, but you too set the bar higher. This makes you more vulnerable. To stay healthy it is good to relax.
Relaxation is badly needed! Harmonious social contacts contribute to your health and well-being, so solve any problems with colleagues or relationships in good time.
Sport and exercise are good and what could be more fun to do a work-out together or to do undertake activities together? Watch your diet. A healthy and varied diet works wonders.

Keep focused, Aries. So much happening at once, you can easily overlook details.

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