Most planets are at the bottom of the Virgo horoscope. The Night.
The Night is about inner processing, family and domestic circumstances. It is a period of preparation and evaluation with regard to your career, because soon this will change.
November 2018 is a wonderful month for career, family, private life and finances, but relationships and health require attention.
Collaboration, consensus and helping others is the key to achieving your goals, especially with retrograde Mercury from November 17, 2018.

Love and Relationships
November 2018 is a romantic month for Virgo. Saturn is your planet of Love. In November 2018, Saturn in your House of Relationships marks a social period and the perpetuation of a relationship. The single Virgo finds love at work, at a business drink, at a party or during networking, especially in the first half of November 2018.
Neptune is your planet of Relationships. The energy of Neptune is focused on the spiritual and emotional connection. Through the influence of Mars in Pisces from November 16 to January 1, 2019 in the House of Relationships you feel more involved and you want to give more time and attention to the people who need you. The seven-year journey of Uranus through your House of the Soul ended on May 15, 2018. A period of experimenting in the experience of sexuality and a new approach to intimacy. From November 7, 2018 to early March 2019, retrograde Uranus in Aries temporarily returns to the House of Intimacy to pave the way for liberation.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of October 24, 2018 shows a lovely trip with your family this month. Being together and doing things together, that’s what it’s about!
The New Moon of November 7, 2018 falls into your House of Communication, transport, short trips, brothers, sisters, neighbors and your immediate living environment. The New Moon shows developments at the home front that ask for your attention such as changes at school or the search for the right education or study programs for yourself or your children.
In any case, there is good news and that is reason for a party and nice things at home.
From November 9, 2018 to December 2, 2019 Jupiter in Sagittarius travels through your House of Family and Home. During this period, Virgo will change location and living situation! There is also a better mutual homely atmosphere. In November 2018 there are opportunities to improve the mutual family relationship. In the second half of November 2018, however, retrograde Mercury is all about resolving existing problems in the family.

Until November 15, 2018, the energy of the red Mars in the House of Work will lead to new possibilities and new projects at work.
In the first half of November 2018, Virgo is working on ergonomic solutions in the office and in daily life. Solve any disagreement with colleagues, so that the air is cleared before you make big leaps forward. Listen carefully to what is being said. In the first half of November 2018, good results are achieved by students, pupils and teachers.
The Full Moon of November 23, 2018 falls into your House of Career can lead to beautiful developments, such as new job, promotion or reward and recognition or more revenue in your company or a salary increase. Good communication and collaboration is the key to success at work.

November 2018 is a favorable month for speculative investments.
Venus is your planet of finances. Venus retrogrades in your House of Finances in the first week of November 2018. In November 2018, financial choices must be made that relate to your fixed income stream. Budget monitoring remains advisable. Be cautious about making financial decisions.
The New Moon of November 7, 2018 falls into your House of Finances. Due to the influence of this New Moon, there are financial opportunities in November 2018 such as a better paid job or business opportunity, promotion, financial support from your social circle or a great offer for your company.
Money is spent on domestic projects and personal luxury.

In the first three weeks of November 2018, your health may be a little delicate.
The influence of the red Mars can lead to colds, flu, fever or rash until November 15, 2018.
You need rest and relaxation then. Do not hold back.
November 2018 shows a month in which you have to pay attention to your health.
You need more exercise this month. What is nicer to make long, fresh walks in the colorful gardens of Mother Nature? Clear your head from unpleasant thoughts.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires discipline and sometimes it won’t be easy.
You need a big stick. Working-out together and walking together is so much fun and healthy.

A good advice this month is: Be careful with your energy, your valuable time and your financial resources. Do not be distracted by trivial matters, especially during the Mercury retrograde period from November 17, 2018. Focus your attention on what really matters.

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