Most planets are on the western half of the Virgo horoscope.
Social skills and adaptability are needed to achieve your goals.
There is a planetary shift this month to the top of the Virgo horoscope. The outside world is becoming increasingly important. However, most planets are still on the underside of the Virgo horoscope this month, so you are still building the infrastructure of your future success.
In this period of cosmic preparation, you need to pay attention to your private life.
May 2018 is a favorable month for your finances, spiritual development, travel and love.
Relationships, health and career, however, require extra attention.

Love and Relationships
The transit of the Red Warrior Mars through your House of Love and Romance shows a strong social impulse in the first half of May 2018. Go outside, meet new people and open yourself to what’s coming. The physical aspect of Mars thus paves the way to intimacy and togetherness at all levels.
The seven-year journey of Uranus through your House of the Soul ends for the time being from May 15, 2018. Years of experimentation, the experience of sexuality and a new approach to intimacy. Taboos have been processed and breached. Virgo can continue to grow in sharing on a deeper level. The single Virgo can fall in love with a colleague or business relation this month.
A romance can also develop within the social circle in the first half of May 2018.
In the committed relationship, you will fall in love with your partner again. Find the company of friends or social circle, because you get to hear special news. At the end of May 2018 you come to the conclusion that something was totally different from you had imagined in a relationship.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of April 30, 2018 fell into your House of Communication, short trips, brothers and sisters, acquaintances and neighbors. In the first half of May 2018 there is a trip or a trip outside the city to visit friends or family. It is also possible that you buy a car, computer or mobile phone during this period and n increase of e-mails, messages and phone calls.
In the first half of May 2018 it is good to break the daily routine at home. There is nothing wrong with routines, but there is nothing wrong with adding some color to the black and white now and then. This keeps it fun and exciting! The New Moon of May 15, 2018 in the House of Travel is also a reference to a foreign trip or people from abroad come to visit you. The transit of Mars until May 16, 2018 focuses on spending more time with children. Studying children show good results.
In the second half of May 2018 there is good news and pleasant developments. The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 falls into your House of Family and Home. In the coming two weeks, something will come to completion at home, there are plans to move or there is an actual move related to your career.

Just like last month, May 2018 is marked with your career and networking with the right people. With the powerful support of Venus in your House of Career until May 19, 2018, nothing stands in your way to put your best foot forward. Virgo who works in the field of higher study, spirituality, abroad, legal profession, religion, spiritual awareness or spirituality will make great leaps forward. Students also show good results. The second half of May 2018 is favorable to take steps to improve your workplace and make it safer. The Sun in Gemini travels through your House of Career from May 22, 2018, and that means full speed ahead. From May 17, 2018 to November 15, 2018, Mars travels through your House of Work. A dynamic and energetic period to make the best of it. A great time to apply for a job. It is advisable to carefully examine a vacancy.
The work must suit you. When you have to adjust to your work, you can’t grow.

The New Moon of April 16, 2018 fell into your House of Shared Finances. The financial situation of your partner (private or business) remains favorable in the first half of May 2018. This New Moon may also indicate a favorable statement, benefit or payment, bonuses and commissions.
An inheritance is possible or you draw up a will so that everything is well organized.
Yet the motto remains: Just focus on the essential and save money. Take care of your finances, Virgo! Accuracy yields money and you know it!
In any case, May 2018 is a favorable month for your finances. Family and abroad are a source of income this month.

May 2018 shows that spring cleaning is not only for your house, but also for your own temple! Your temple is your body and thus the house of the soul.
Time for positive changes. Time to finally break bad habits and focus on what is really essential in your life.
Things from the outside affect your emotions and thus your feeling of well-being.
Focus on the inside and make contact with your soul.
From May 22, 2018 you have to pay extra attention to your health.

The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 is the cosmic gateway to a change in your living situation, relocation or renovation. In these busy times, it is possible that you are remodeling or you postpone these plans to a later period.
In this phase of “working behind the scenes”, the interests of others come first and can only be achieved through your social skills and adaptability.
Do not attract criticism personally, but use it constructively. Do not criticize others or point out mistakes. Set a good example in a subtle way.

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