Almost all planets are located in the western sector. The western sector means “the other”.
The message of the Universe is clear: it is not about you, but about the other.
This means that you can only achieve goals through cooperation and comply with the needs of others.
Ensure a good balance between career and family affairs.
The planets move further towards the top of the Libra horoscope.
The way to new cycle in which the outside world and career become important again.
May 2018 is a beautiful month for relationships, health and career, but not so good for finances.

Love and Relationships
The first half of May 2018 is romantic and constructive for all forms of relationships.
Uranus leaves your House of Relationships from May 16, 2018.
In the past seven years your relationships were put to the test, both private and business. Years of relational unrest, changes and surprising revolutions. Commitments were strengthened or broken. Your eyes have been opened! From May 16, 2018 to early November 2018, Uranus in Taurus travels through your House of Soul and Intimacy. From now, there may be uncertainties or unexpected events around shared financial sources. Also uncertainty about intimate relationships and the experience of sexuality and intimacy. The New Moon of May 15, 2018 falls into your House of Relationships. Someone may cross your path that will play a major role in your life or you will take a new step in a relationship such as a proposal, marriage, a new friendship, business partnership or other form of cooperation to get a project off the ground. A new chapter!
Mars travels from May 17, 2018 through your House of Love and Romance! In your relationship the mutual bond is strengthened, but also your search for true love does not go unnoticed.
Love is more physically focused.

Family and Home
Because of the influence of Pluto in Capricorn you are confronted with domestic issues. What does home and family mean to you? Who is your real family? Does your home offer you the protection and safety you need? Problems that arise in these years are meant to show you the right way. They are cosmic lessons that have to do with attachment to the past, your younger years regardless of whether they were happy or not so happy. Sometimes this manifests as a literal reorganization of your house and your soul. Saturn has joined Pluto and this marks a time of great inner processing and cleaning up. Because of the dynamic influence of Mars, you get the energy to do just that. The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 falls into your House of Communication, short trips, brothers and sisters, acquaintances and neighbors. In the next two weeks there will be a trip to visit friends or family. It is also possible that you buy a car, computer or mobile phone this month and an increase of e-mails, messages and phone calls this month. It may be that you become sentimental and overwhelmed with grief. This is part of the process of letting go.

Due to the influence of retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio you are confronted with your limitations. You want so much, but you can not have everything in your career.
Through the influence of Neptune in your House of Work and Daily Routine you have difficulty concentrating on work or sticking to a job, routines or daily schedule.
You also notice by the influence of Neptune in Pisces that the more you want for yourself, the less you achieve. You are a bit lethargic and unmotivated in May 2018, but that may have to do with developments in your private life and unresolved problems in your relationship. The Libra working in the world of spirituality, care or social services is the most successful. You can count on the support of family members when looking for a suitable job.
You need others in achieving your goals and you can not ignore the help of others like your colleagues. A good idea that you get in the last week of May 2018 must be presented to the world.

Pluto is your planet of finance. Pluto went retrograde last month. And due to the influence of retrograde Jupiter in the plutonic Scorpio especially now, you have to be very careful with all your investments and purchases. Retrograde Jupiter in the House of Finance asks if your finances are in order. Financial delays during this period are interwoven with this question. When it comes to the material world, “you need to possess something”.
But what does possession mean to you? What is the added value of property?
Learn to hold on to what you have, let go what you do not need. May 2018 shows a dumper in your finances, but this is compensated by your spouse or business partner. The New Moon of May 15, 2018 falls into your House of Common Resources, taxes, credit cards and loans.
During this month there are financial developments such as a legal judgment, payment, bonuses and commissions. A favorable period for a budget plan, savings plan or budget, business negotiations or signing contracts for a long-term project. A new relationship (business or private) starts off energetically, but can trip on a financial issue.

May 2018 is a favorable month to keep in shape and cleanse your temple of all impurities and negativity. Working out is fun and working out together is even more fun. A kind of sport must suit you. If it feels good, do it.
A good physical condition has a positive impact on your life and you are really going to notice this month. Do not listen to that nagging voice in your head and stay on the right path.
Eating healthy can also be very tasty!
Encourage your partner to follow your good example, because the health of your loved one needs some attention.

The second half of May 2018 looks promising, Libra.
The Sun in Gemini is then supported by Mars in Aquarius and this Bridge in Air gives you wings. Your best day this month is May 23, 2018.
All big planetary boys Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are in retrograde and this make you feel like there is not much is happening in your life. But use this “quiet period” to look back on what you have achieved until now. Make new plans and set a course for the future.
Be kind to yourself and count your blessings.

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