Leo May 2018


Leo May 2018

May 2018 is the month with the most planets at the top of the Leo horoscope.
This is the period of the year in which you are focused on career and on worldly goals.
At the end of last month there was an important planetary shift for Leo. The eastern half of the Leo horoscope will be dominant over the next six months. That means more independence and less dependent on cooperation and participation.
May 2018 looks great for finance, travel and career, but health and relationships require your necessary attention.

Love and Relationships
From May 17, 2018 Mars travels for a long period through your House of Relations. A social period of togetherness and mutual interest, but due to the combative nature of Mars there will be tensions in the relationship or in cooperation. A good time to put your cards on the table, but avoid conflicts as much as possible. Do not take a hasty decision about a relationship, both private and business. The relationship with your partner may come under pressure. Your partner needs more personal freedom and time. For the sake of love, it is advisable to give your partner that space, because you too need personal freedom. Having no obligations is often the key to (re)find each other. This month, the single Leo gets many opportunities to find love in the social circle, online dating or meeting. However, a new love is non-committal and won’t last.
The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 falls into your House of Love and Romance. This Full Moon promises unforgettable and loving moments! In the next two weeks you will gain more self-insight through love and in a fixed relationship there will be more dynamism.

Family and House
The Full Moon of April 30, 2018 fell into your House of Family and House. In the first half of May 2018 something will come to completion at home such as a creative project or renovation. Plans to move become real or there is an actual move because your career requires it.
It is also possible that you help someone else with a renovation, relocation or other chores.
The transit of Jupiter through your House of Family and House also supports the housing situation in May 2018 such as moving, renovating, buying or selling real estate or expanding or refurbishing your home. Children are making great progress in their development this month. The influence of Jupiter gives a better homely atmosphere. Jupiter in Scorpio is a quest for Leo for inner peace and peace at home. Retrograde Jupiter asks you to restore a disturbed family relationship or to search for your roots.

The first half of May 2018 is favorable due to the influence of Mercury in Aries to make a business trip or negotiations. The influence of the red warrior Mars stimulates you until May 16, 2018 to put the shoulders to the wheel at work and daily activities. Venus is your planet of career. Because of the influence of Venus, you get a lot done in your career and you can count on the support from high places. The New Moon of May 15, 2018 falls into your House of Career. The planetary recipe for a new success in your career! An important project that you started a while ago is being born. Uranus in Taurus travels from May 16, 2018 through your House of Career. This month you will get a taste of this revolutionary energy of changes in your career and social status. Uranus in Taurus gives you unprecedented creative ideas and progressive plans! Especially Leo working in technology can count on major developments. Your colleagues see a change in you at work.
Set a good example does well, so show them how it’s done!

Mercury is your financial planet. Mercury is out of the shadow period again and that means that financial plans are put into operation. The financial delay in recent weeks made necessary changes to your financial planning possible.
May 2018 is a favorable month for your finances. In the first half of May 2018, favorable planetary aspects will contribute to financial growth. Developments in your career also contribute to more income. With a view to the future, try to stretch your budgetary expenditure as much as possible. Ensure good planning. You should not rely blind on advice regarding money-related matters.
Trust your gut. This month is also favorable for investing in real estate, equity investments and long-term investments in foreign companies are also favorable.

Due to the influence of the red Warrior Mars, there can be stress due to large work pressure.
You know that body, soul and spirit are one. One can not be without the other. When you experience stress, you allow energy to leak away. When you do not listen to the signals from your body, the system starts to falter.
Take care of relaxation, Leo. Even if you are busy, you can do it later. You are only a human!
A good diet and sufficient exercise do the trick.
From the last week of May 2018 you can see your condition improve when the Sun is in Gemini.
But it is up to you to shine.

You love being in the spotlight, Leo. Since the Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 21, 2017 you shine like never before! After the Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 31, 2018, everything fell together.
And there will be another Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11, 2018 to elevate you.
This extremely high energy level, however, can also "eat" energy, so slow down in order to recharge yourself.
Good food, sufficient physical exercise and relaxation are indispensable to keep up this pace.