Most planets are still on the underside of the Capricorn horoscope. The Night.
During the wondrous night, recovery takes place and we dream of what is to come.
The Night is about inner processing, family and domestic circumstances. It is a period of preparation and evaluation with regard to your career, because soon this will change.
This month, the focus is on finance, career, health and relationships, friendships and family matters with an increasing emphasis on cooperation, so you need the input, cooperation and support from others from now on.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of April 30, 2018 fell into your House of Friendships, groups and organizations.
In your social circle, something will come to completion in the first half of May 2018 and that will be celebrated. There is an event or party for which you have been invited or you are going to organize a party or event. It is possible that a friend gets married.
In the first three weeks of May 2018 the Sun shines in the House of Love, so life won’t be boring! You are busy socializing with friends and people around you. On May 15, 2018 the New Moon falls into your House of Love and Romance! With this New Moon you may fall in love head over heals! In any case, there are parties or events and new friendships are closed. The single Capricorn goes hunting, but it is all for fun and without obligation. In the relationship there is generally less dedication or a distance. From May 16, 2018, Uranus travels through the House of Creativity and Love. From this period you can count on sudden and surprising developments in your love life!

Family and House
Uranus leaves the sign of Aries from May 16, 2018 and thus your House of Family and House.
The relationship between home and family can be under pressure due to the influence of Uranus until that period. Uranus in Taurus moves to the next House of Children and Creativity.
Children are going through a growth spurt, at least there are big changes when you have children or children in your life. The relationship with your children will change in the next seven years. During these years, children need space to spread their wings in the world. Give them that space. You too need space, your inner child does. The red warrior Mars is your planet of House and Family. The journey of Mars can lead to a great creative energy until May 16, 2018 for a project at home. The red warrior Mars also indicates a strong desire to be free and to exercise your rights. There can be more strife in your family.

The dynamic transit of Mars through your sign of Capricorn challenges you in the first half of May 2018 to bring out the best of yourself. The Red Warrior in Capricorn is the most productive period of the year to deal with things with your creative input. Your enthusiastic attitude and willingness to cooperate is noticed! A period for a company-oriented course and working on the emotional aspects and communicative skills in your career.
The transit of Mars in Aquarius from May 17, 2018 is the key to a more lucrative job. Your family encourages and supports you in your career. This support is paying off. After May 21,2018, there will be more pace in your career. You can count on support from above. This calls for a celebration!

The transit of Mars in Aquarius from May 17, 2018 through your House of Finance will strengthen the chances of improving your financial situation in the coming months. Your own planet Saturn travels through your own sign Capricorn and joins Pluto there. This fruitful cooperation will bear fruit! It also means that collaboration is the key to financial success for you. Also Uranus in Taurus is putting coin in the karma bank about May 19, 2018! Don’t get too comfortable, because your efforts are is required! A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work, but the reward will be sweet.
In any case, May 2018 is a favorable financial month. However, you must be careful with speculative investments. Take the time to review financial strategies before making changes to current plans. All major investments, purchases and financial projects should be postponed for the time being.

May 2018 is a better month for the Capricorn. May 2018 is a good month to make the decision to make changes to your lifestyle. A Capricorn in top condition is unstoppable on his or her way to the top. It involves more physical exercise and a sensible diet. Detoxification, massages and proper nutrition. Also more time for relaxation. When you’re bothered, work it out.
Ask yourself in everything you do, think, eat or drink: Is this good for me? Do I benefit from this? Do I honor myself?
The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness. There calls for a period of rest, relaxation, spiritual growth and meditation. Time to catch up on sleep or to take a short vacation.

Your own planet Saturn travels through your own sign of Capricorn and joins Pluto there.
Pluto has been traveling through Capricorn since 2008. Go back to 2008, whatever happened in your life. In this period you get a second chance to make things right.
Decisions you make now affect the next seven years of your life. You are building your house, your career and your life. The influence of Mars in Capricorn stimulates you in the first half of May 2018 to make the right decision. Uranus in Taurus will bring creative solutions to the most complicated problems.

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