May 2018 is a prosperous month for Cancer’s career, health, love and finances.
In this period of the year you are inclined to choose for yourself and set your own course.
However, this month you will notice that cooperation and flexibility are the indispensable keys to achieving your goals. Social skills are just as important as personal interests.
So try to find a good balance here, Cancer.
The Node in Leo supports you to consolidate your position and strengthen your self-confidence.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon in Scorpio of April 30, 2018 fell into your House of Love and Romance. This Full Moon indicates unforgettable and loving moments in the first half of May 2018! You will also learn from your partner and your relationship will bring more dynamism. Until May 16, 2018, the influence of the red fighter Mars in the House of Relations leads to tensions in the relationship and other forms of cooperation. Tensions have to do with financial expectations. Mars is not willing to compromise. The single Cancer finds a new love within the social network. The New Moon of May 15, 2018 falls into your House of Friendships, social groups and community involvement. There are activities, parties, events and meetings. The arrival of Uranus in Taurus indicates from half May 17, 2018 changes in your circle of friends and social involvement. The second half of May 2018 is dedicated to invitations for parties and making new friends. In the second half of May 2018 the passion flares up due to the influence of Mars in Aquarius! Your partner seeks financial freedom and a way to earn money and spend money without mutual obligations.

Family and House
The Full Moon of April 30, 2018 shows in the first half of May 2018 a sporting event, a trip or a children’s party or organizing a creative or recreational event with children with you in a supporting role. In the first week of May 2018 there may be some challenges, but you can easily circumvent them. Whatever it is, you learn to know yourself better through these events. Stay positive and open. Listen and observe. By being alert, you know more, even when nothing is said. Follow your heart, but also listen to the voice in your head.
Make sure your house is in order, because you will get an unexpected visit in the second half of May 2018.

May 2018 is a very active and productive month in which progress can be made. The cooperation with managers, business relations and customers is harmonious. At the beginning of May 2018 you have the uncomfortable feeling that something is rumbling at work, a conspiracy, someone wants to blame you or take the credit for your ideas. Maybe it is, but maybe it’s a projection on your part. Uncertainty can do crazy things with a person. When you feel this feeling, it is time for relaxation. Clear your head and this changes your whole perspective. As the month goes on, things slow down and you’ll get the chance to make plans for the future.
The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 falls into your House of Work. The coming two weeks show that projects at work and at home are coming to completion. The Full Moon also shows that it is time to solve any problems with a business partner or customer.

Because of the Sun in Taurus, the first three weeks of May 2018 are the best time to make an investment or financial transactions.
May 2018 is a favorable financial month in which you will be able to achieve the financial goals that you had previously visualized. A friend or financial partner is responsible for a possible financial disappointment around May 21, 2018.
In the first three weeks of May 2018, revenues come from the social circle, licenses, through networking, fees and commissions or companies based on the internet, through investments in real estate and technology. In the last weeks there is money to be generated through companies that deal with communication and transport. Money is spent on charitable activities and spirituality. Trust your gut feeling when making financial decisions.

May 2018 shows a great month for your health. You have more energy.
However, it is not a good month to start unprepared with a strict diet or sports program.
Ensure yourself properly informed and make sure you get professional guidance.
Your health is your greatest treasure. There is nothing more important. So what stops you from making sure that you remain emotionally and physically fit and healthy?
Working out together is even more fun and is a big stick and you’ll don’t have stress.
Ensure that conflicts are eliminated. If something doesn’t feel right, do something about it.

Until May 15, 2018 Uranus in Aries will continue to make changes in your House of Career and Social Destination. Uncertainty does strange things to people. When you feel this, it’s time for relaxation. Clear your head. Even though there may be tensions, it is good to take a break with your partner. A short vacation or a day at the spa is a real miracle.

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