May 2018 shows an exceptional month for Aries with excellent prospects!
The focus this month is on financial progress, spiritual awareness and health.
Most planets are on the eastern side of the Aries horoscope. An annual period of personal strength and independence for Aries. The planetary accent is now shifting ever further from career to domestic issues and inner growth. Free will and personal autonomy are still valid for Aries.
Mars in Capricorn will give Aries an extra push in the first half of May 2018.

Love and Relationships
Venus is your planet of Relationships. In the first half of May 2018, Venus in the airy realm of Gemini makes you very attractive. Love flows naturally to you, because everyone likes to be close to you. In your relationship, you want to see your partner happy and you want to enjoy all the good that life has to offer. Being together gives you a sense of security and safety. The most important thing for you is that you are respected, but that is what your partner wants from you too. The single Aries is looking for a financially independent partner.

Family and Home
Dust has settled in your career. In the coming months, attention will shift to your private life.
Your career and entrepreneurial spirit have taken their toll. Your private life came second place and that is not good. It is of the utmost importance that you pay proportionate attention to your private life and family. Your private life is the foundation of a successful career.
The Moon symbolizes for your House and Family. The best period for domestic life is the period of the growing Moon. That is from May 16 to May 28, 2018. Show your family what you feel. Your family truly appreciate that, because you do not always show what is going on inside of you.
The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 shows a perfect opportunity for a family trip.

Your planet Mars travels through your area of ​​Career and Destination until May 16, 2018.
Mars in Capricorn gives you a boost of energy and focus to go for it. Saturn is the planet of Career for Aries. Saturn travels through your House of Career until the end of 2020 and that means you have to be patient and keep a cool head. Gradually, you will get there. The retrograde Saturn gives the opportunity to fine-tune career goals and future plans. Stay with both feet on your standard path with your eyes along the skyline. Do not look for the ultimate destination, because you probably already have found it, but you do not realize it (yet). The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 falls into your House of Travel and Higher Study and it shows good results for students and lawyers. Sales and marketing techniques, a study trip or business trip can lead to great results. The key to success is your physical and mental condition. In the second half of May 2018 you will notice the importance of a good condition, because there’s a challenge at work.

Just like the previous month, May 2018 is a favorable financial month.
The Full Moon of April 30, 2018 fell into your House of Shared Finances. In the next two weeks, money will be released from an insurance policy, tax, alimony, repayment or loan.
And with the Sun in Taurus, there are plenty of financial opportunities. You can count on the financial support of your partner, children, social contacts and friends.
The New Moon of May 15, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. This influence indicates financial possibilities, a salary increase or business opportunity, promotion or lucrative offer. Venus is your planet of finance. Venus travels through Cancer from 20 May 2018, which means that money is spent on home and family.

The asteroid Chiron began its journey through Aries from April 2018.
The wounded healer Chiron focuses this month on the healing of old wounds and inner growth.
In general, Aries may look forward to good health.
The second half of May 2018 is looking good thanks to the influence of Mars in Aquarius.
The most important thing is that you maintain a good condition, both mentally and physically.
Routine is beneficial for you. You sleep better, you eat better, less stress. If you forget your daily work-out, it does not feel right.
And that includes unhealthy habits. You have to stop to harm yourself now!
Listen to your body and your dreams.

From May 16, 2018, Uranus will temporarily leave your sign, Aries. The process of individuation thus comes to completion. Uranus in Taurus is going to stabilize the flow of cosmic fiery energy from the second half of May 2018 to the beginning of November 2018. The focus is shifted from self-discovery and self-expression to finances and possessions.
Get yourself financial security, Aries.

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