An important planetary shift is taking place this month, Leo. The planets move further towards the top of the Leo horoscope.
On to a new cycle in which the outside world and career become important again!
March 2018 shows a favorable month for your career, relationship and finances.

Love and Relationships
The month of March 2018 is a very sensual month of love and romance for Leo.
The red warrior Mars will travel through your House of Love and Romance until March 17, 2018. Mars guarantees exciting encounters, fun and romantic hours in the first half of March 2018. But things can get wild too, because you are willing to fight like a lion for love and you want to love at any cost.
The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 in the House of Relations was the cosmic gateway to a new business partnership or love affair or breaking up of a relationship.
The Sun by Pisces focuses on the one-to-one relationship, the depth and the sharing of intimacy, until March 20, 2018. By sharing your feelings you carry the love to a higher level.

Family and Home
The zodiac sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. That is why the Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 in your House of Relationships was of great significance.
This cosmic event shows big changes in your family in the next six months.
Mars in Sagittarius leads to a rebellious atmosphere at home until March 17, 2018. Give each other space. You too need space.
Mercury turns retrograde in Aries from March 23 to April 14, 2018. This is a good period to start a study or make a nice trip to memory lane.

Your enormous dose of creative energy is your secret weapon to success in the first half of March 2018! A pleasant atmosphere in the workplace is important to you. Your social life is flourishing and you are busy networking.
The influence of the red warrior Mars in your House of Work from March 18 to May 16, 2018 encourages you to put the shoulders at the wheel. A busy, productive and efficient period with many opportunities to find work or to improve a situation at work. A favorable period to apply for a job! However, your enthusiasm can lead to envy from colleagues and employees who are afraid of changes or see your enthusiasm as a threat. Collaboration is the key to success, so know when to step back. Dignity is a sign of strength. And that suits you, Leo. You do not always have to roar to make an impression.

Until March 20, 2018 the Sun in Pisces travels through your House of Shared Finances.
In the first three weeks of March 2018 you will be dealing with the income of third parties such as your spouse, business partner or loved one. You can count on the financial support of your partner, social network or authorities.
The Full Moon of March 2, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. This month, you may count on more money coming in through a salary increase, another job or more turnover in your company.
The New Moon of March 17, 2018 falls into your House of Common Resources, taxes, credit cards and loans. In the course of the month there are financial developments such as legal judgments, payments or payments, bonuses and commissions. A favorable period to focus on drawing up a budget plan, savings plan or budget plan, conducting business negotiations or signing contracts for a long-term project. A new relationship (business or private) starts off energetically, but can stumble over a financial issue. Mercury turns retrograde from March 23, 2018 to mid-April 2018, so during that period there may be positive news about a financial issue that has not yet been settled or with the help of the right contacts you will make a good decision about a financial project.

In the first three weeks of March 2018 you experience fatigue.
From March 21, 2018 the energy from the Sun in Aries returns as if by magic.
However, due to the influence of the Red Warrior Mars, there may be stress from March 18, 2018. Make sure you have enough relaxation, Leo. A brisk walk, to the gym and early to bed are good remedies to stay fit in these busy times.
Use your energy wisely and do not give it away.

The planets move ever further towards the top of the Leo horoscope and that means a period in which personal strength and independence will be important. Keep in mind that all planets are still on the western half of the horoscope.
Leo needs others when you want to achieve social goals.
Even if you want to go your own way, you can not ignore the influence of others during this period.
The message of the New Moon of March 17, 2018 is clear: Just focus on the essential and economize where possible. In your own company, you have to stay on top of unpaid invoices, both debtors and creditors.

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