Aquarius March 2018


Aquarius March 2018

All planets are situated on the left of the Aquarius horoscope.
Just like previous month, March 2018 is a month of action, career, independence, determination and personal power. In the meantime, there is a planetary shift to bottom of the Aquarius horoscope. A shift from the outside world to the inner world.
From Day to Night.
The focus will be more on inner forces, home, family and building stability for your career.

Love and Relationships
Due to the influence of the Full Moon of March 2, 2018 you are looking for a passionate connection at soul level. You also desire a deeper emotional connection in the relationship.
You are looking for the ultimate relationship or at least a relationship that answers your expectations in a relationship. Perhaps your expectations are too high and that can lead to friction. The key to the solution is compromising. The ultimate relationship does not exist, so let go of that illusion. Do not be too critical, nobody is perfect and so are you!
In the course of March 2018, there will be clarity.
From March 21, 2017, the Spring Equinox, the Sun travels through Aries. The focus is on communication in the relationship. The single Aquarius unexpectedly finds a new love at school, at work, at the bank, a party at home, during a walk or perhaps at the neighbors. You do not have to look far this month. In the permanent relationship, the love returns to its full glory.

Family and Home
The mutual relationship with close family members has changed in the past seven years or the family relationship has been disturbed in one way or another. Your planet Uranus in the sign of Aries will continue to influence the relationship with siblings, uncles, aunts, acquaintances or neighbors until May 15, 2018, but there will be profound changes in their lives, too.
The theme of marriage in the family plays an important role this month.
Mercury turns retrograde from March 23 to April 14, 2018 which indicates deep conversations about the past and the revision of views.

The Great Benefactor Jupiter travels through the sign of Scorpio which is your House of Career. Jupiter in Scorpio means success and progress in your life. Jupiter has a favorable influence this month on the Aquarius in the academic world, such as students and teachers, but also working in marketing, journalism and the travel industry.
Most planets are located at the bottom of the Aquarius horoscope.
At this moment you are busy preparing, researching, planning, visualizing and dreaming.
A favorable period for a vocational training or a company-oriented study.
Most planets are still on the eastern side of the Aquarius horoscope. That means that you can still act independently. This soon will change. From March 21, 2018, the focus will increasingly be on cooperation in everything you do. At work, too, compromising will be the magic word.

The Full Moon of March 2, 2018 falls into your eighth House of Shared Finances. That means that financial matters involving your spouse, business partner or loved one are highlighted. Entering into financial partnerships and financial agreements will be favored by the Full Moon this month. More money through inheritances or a salary raise.
Aquarius sees the financial results of this Full Moon such as dividend income or returns on investments. Mercury travels through your House of Finance until March 6, 2018. That is a positive position for speculation. In recent months, more financial progress has been made. The New Moon of March 17, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. There are financial opportunities, a better paid job or business opportunities, promotion or a great deal. From March 21, 2018 onward, however, you have to be cautious with speculation or financial risks because of Mercury in retrograde. You are building up financial security. Hold on to that good intention, because in the coming months you will notice that this is going to bear fruit! However, you now also see the consequences of a nonchalant and extravagant attitude in recent months.

The collaboration between Pluto and Saturn supports Aquarius in processing the past and the search for the inner motives to let go of old pain and karma.
A form of therapy can be a great help in this.
The influence of the red warrior Mars gives you the power to walk this path successfully from March 18, 2018.
The Moon symbolizes your health. Every time the Moon is in its crescent phase, your health is also improving. New and Full Moons are always good energetic and vital days for you and for your sense of well-being. The Full Moon of March 2, 2018 and the period until the New Moon of March 17, 2018 is the best period. The Next Full Moon is on March 31, 2018! Make sure you have a varied diet, exercise, sufficient rest and relaxation in between.

In the last week of March 2018 you have to make a business decision.
It is important to keep a cool head and to pay attention to all details.
Beware of deception this month, because someone does not tell the whole story.
Investigate first.