The volatile developments in the world from 2017 and the previous year gradually make room for a more subdued and powerful energy.

The outer planets Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and also Uranus from May 2018 are traveling through their own elements Earth and Water this year and that shows in general a quiet, stabilizing and fruitful period.
Of course there will be conflicts in social, cultural, political and religious areas, but there is also strength, enthusiasm and determination to work together and fight for what is, entirely in accordance with the steadfast energy of the Dog this year.
There is a great desire for peace, safety and security.

The dust of the long-lasting cardinal T-square between Uranus and Pluto has largely settled.
The road has been cleared and for manifestation.
Everything that is decided and realized in 2018 will be of a lasting nature.

The structural and principled Saturn in Capricorn’s own patriarchal sign is increasingly connecting with the power of transformation of Pluto in Capricorn.
These combined powers of Saturn and Pluto manifests on all what actually works and will end to what doesn’t.
The future will be built, houses, businesses, institutions, banks and governments.
The cooperation between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn gives a fundamental economic boost and reforms and stands in stark contrast to the power struggle between these two planetary giants in 2017.
We do, however, have to deal with cutbacks, stricter regulations and an increase in monopolies and cartels, but also a tough global approach to organized crime, money laundering and counter-terrorism.

The current fertile sextile connection between Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces leads until the beginning of March 2019 to a more intuitive awareness of the reason why society and human civilization is so dysfunctional.
In the coming year it will become increasingly difficult to bury our heads in the sand.
The time has come to take responsibility in order to courageously implement those necessary improvements, to develop goals to reach the full potential.

Just like in January 2018, we have a Blue Moon, so we begin and end March 2018 with a Full Moon!

The illuminating trine in Water between Venus in Pisces and the Great Benefactor Jupiter in Scorpio opens the month of Spring. \
The Water connection between the sensual Venus and jolly Jupiter make barriers disappear.

On March 2, 2018, the Full Moon radiates in Virgo.
This Full Moon symbolizes the pure germination of nature that is so invisibly present under her breathtaking cloak of cold.
However, the opposition to Neptune in Pisces can lead to confusion and deception in relationships due to negative emotions, behaviors and habits. A helpful aspect to Saturn gives us the self-discipline, patience and determination to break bad habits and improve your life.
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On March 7, 2018, the lovely Venus enters the sign of Spring, Aries.
A new chapter of assertiveness and creativity unfolds.

Jupiter in Scorpio turns retrograde from March 9, 2018 and will continue to do so until July 9, 2018.
During this period, Jupiter in retrograde wants to invest in work and relationships.
Jupiter “declines” in order to rebuild the harmonious Bridge of Water with Neptune in Pisces, the way it was at the beginning of 2018.

A period of philosophical, spiritual introspection and reflection.
During this period of retrogradation our collective awareness can be triggered related to ethical issues, self-confidence, self-improvement, justice and addressing social issues.
Thanks to Jupiter in retrograde, we are given the opportunity to present dreams, fantasies and ideologies to the world.  Jupiter in retrograde is the best time to purify your body and soul.
That’s why detoxification will be a major theme this month and in the next months.
The influence of Jupiter in retrograde is much stronger and represents a great innovative period for the medical world.
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Mars trine Uranus from March 7, 2018 to March 15, 2018 allows us to feel free.
This strong, sparkling and daring energy indicates a need for freedom or a new type of self-expression to break free of any previous restriction or mundane routines.
There will be unique opportunities to experience new activities and experiences.
A risk at this time should pay off and people are more likely to go along with new ideas or projects or to get new projects off the ground.

On March 17, 2018 we have a New Moon in the sign of Pisces.
The wounded healer, Chiron in Pisces is almost conjunct with this New Moon.
The New Moon conjunct Chiron squares the fiery Mars in Sagittarius, and that aspect of tension can lead to an event that requires an uncomfortable decision that should have been taken much earlier.
This New Moon, like the Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018, shares the theme of justice.
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Mars has left Sagittarius and enters the earthly Capricorn today.
From March 18, 2018 until May 16, 2018 Mars in Capricorn stimulates willpower and perseverance. Mars wants to move forward, even when the going gets tough.
Mars in Capricorn says: I can do it!
On the threshold of Capricorn, Mars has to get used to this new earthly energy, so this can result in self-overestimation and misunderstandings.

On March 21, 2018 the Sun enters the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.
In the Northern Hemisphere, the Spring Equinox marks the first day of astronomical Spring.
We celebrate the Spring Equinox, the feast of Ostara, the goddess of fertility and the radiant light, growth and creation. Day and night are of equal length. It is time for rebirth and a fresh start.
The Sun grows in strength and the fecund nature comes back to life.
Life begins again and dreams are lifted to the next level, the achieving of visions and tangible results!
A particularly powerful period in which new energy can lead to constructive changes in ourselves and in the world around us.

However, the powers of the Universe want us to slow down.

Mercury retrograde 2018 starts on March 23 at 16° in Aries and ends on April 14 at 4° in Aries.
This marks the period of evaluation, reassessing and making ends meet.
Take into account delays, communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, lost items and misunderstandings. Mercury is about contracts, communication, education, internet and transport, including the media, publishing houses, radio and TV.
Patience is a virtue during that time. Mercury in retrograde 2018 conjunct Venus means mostly communication problems in relationships.

The second Full Moon this month falls on March 31, 2018.
The theme of this Blue Moon in Libra is harmony and emphasizing the beauty in yourself.
Restoring the balance in relationships brings peace and harmony in your life.
A time to find the way to peace and diplomacy.
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I hope that this beautiful spring equinox month can bring us greater appreciation of the beauty in ourselves and the world we live in.

Have an inspiring month!



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