June 2018 is a great month for your health, finances and career, but love is a little late.
The planetary accent shows a shift to the Night, in which you get the chance to develop a strategy to improve your career perspectives.
Free will and personal autonomy are, however, still topical for Taurus. You make choices on your own without being dependent on the support of others.

Love and Relationships
Retrograde Jupiter in your House in Relationships allows you to look at relationships both business and private differently. You become more and more confident about your feelings about who you allow in your life or not. June 2018 is not about love, Taurus. There is a difference between your desires and those of your partner. It is not easy to come to a compromise, but it is something you should do. Especially from June 21, 2018 there can be unrest and conflict in the relationship. The single Taurus looks for love, but stumbles on the fact that the communication is not going well. Communication is crucial for the romance to blossom. Talking is like water flowing. Flowers do not flower without water. Do not be too critical, but give it the chance to grow. And if something does not work, let it go. Make time for your friends. What is better get things off your chest talking with friends who know you best and have your best interests at heart?

Family and Home
This month there are some problems at home having to do with unresolved issues in the daily routine. That has an impact on the family. It is advisable to talk openly about what is bothering you. Friends and your social circle are the connecting link in solving domestic problems this month.
You have to discuss everything to find a solution. You achieve the best result by working together. Also at home! From June 14, 2018 Venus travels through Leo. Leo symbolizes Family and Home for Taurus! You now see the results of this cooperation and everything calms down. The Full Moon of June 28, 2018 shows a beautiful journey with your family. This journey can be the reason to conclude a period or to rethink convictions about religion and philosophy.

The red warrior Mars travels through the field of Career. The period until June 25, 2018 is all about hard work, concentration and preparation. Mars will retrograde from June 26, 2018 and then a period of evaluation of long-term plans will start until the end of August 2018. During this period you may experience setbacks when things have been overlooked or overstated.
From September 12, 2018 to November 15, 2018, major steps can be made.
Uranus is your planet of Career and Destiny. The arrival of Uranus in Taurus has a major impact on your career. Uranus asks you the following questions: What is your target or do you want to keep following the current path? This month you will have to deal with this influence.
June 2018 shows favorable career opportunities, but it is wise to be cautious. First evaluate the possibilities. Think deeply. Delegate and do not take the whole world on your shoulders. Nobody can do that, so why do you think you can?

The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 fell into your eighth House of Shared Finances. This means that the focus is on financial affairs of your spouse, business partner, or loved one. The engagement of financial partnerships and financial agreements will be favored by this Full Moon in June 2018. This month there is a chance of money coming in through inheritances or a salary increase, including financial results such as dividend or return from investments.
June 2018 is a financially favorable month. The New Moon of June 13, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. This month there are financial options such as a better paid job or business opportunity, promotion or a great offer for your company. The second half of June 2018 shows the best time to get your financial administration in order. With a strong planetary occupation in your House of Finance you get cooperation from others to acquire that favorable financial position. At the end of June 2018 you can count on the financial support or advice of an influential friend or business relationship.

June 2018 shows a prosperous month for your health. But it is you that will keep yourself healthy.
Healthy nutrition is essential. This month you may have to deal with headaches and abdominal pain, but these complaints are related with stress. Outward beauty begins with inner beauty. Think what you can do best to find the way to beauty and self-acceptance. Take good care of yourself. Do not skip meals and avoid stressful situations as much as possible. Stress is your worst enemy. So make the choice for yourself!
From June 22, 2018 you need more rest and relaxation. At the end of June 2018, you notice the positive effects of the changes you made in the first half of June 2018.

For Taurus, the year 2018 is the year of big changes. Uranus travels through Taurus since mid-May 2018 and you will notice this influence. In order to use this energy in the best possible way it is good to think about the changes you would like to make the best of it.
With 50% retrograde planets you have to take account of delays and deadlock.
Go with the flow and accept things as they are.
Some caution is required with regard to investments and making purchases, important tenders and financial agreements. Caution is advised on 21 and 22 June 2018.
All that glitters isn’t gold, Taurus.

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