There is a planetary shift for the Sagittarius from the inner to the outside world.
Sagittarius focuses on the career and social objectives.
Collaboration and cooperation is of the utmost importance. This is the time of adjustment and flexibility. June 2018 is mainly a social month. Career, relationships, finances and health require your attention this month.

Love and Relationships
June 2018 is a social month. The New Moon of June 13, 2018 falls into your House of Relationships. From this moment someone can cross your path that will play a big role in your life or you will take a new step in a relationship such as an engagement or marriage, business partnership or other form of cooperation. The single Sagittarius gets many opportunities to find love, because there are parties and meetings. Sagittarius is looking for a romance, but no strings attached. Love can be found in the workplace, abroad or in a health-care facility.
In the relationship can be unrest because you have totally different views. Also in the business relationship it is not easy to come to mutual understanding. In the course of June 2018 there will be improvement in the situation.

Family and Home
June 2018 is dominated by the past. Experiences from the past influence your present, experiences with your parents, your family, school or domestic circumstances.
Looking for Destination, Sagittarius is on his or her way. On a journey to himself or herself, to his of her ideal home, but the road is long when the end is not in sight.
Oriental elements in home and garden can have a healing effect within the family. June 2018 is a favorable month for traveling or for social activities with the family.

Uranus in Taurus has entered your House of Work last month. You will get a taste or this influence in June 2018, because there are already changes in your daily routine and in the workplace.
You are looking for a new challenge, a job that offers you more freedom or you revolt against duties and responsibilities in your daily life when you feel limited or have to deal with too many obligations. When no changes are being made, you can literally get sick as a result of stress.
At the beginning of June 2018 you will face challenges at work, but from the second week of June 2018, things are changing. You are full of energy and good ideas, but you are faced with opposition from colleagues. Take it easy, Sagittarius, your time will come. In mid-June 2018 there will be some challenges again. The rest of June 2018 is stormy and productive. For the job seeker Sagittarius there are plenty of opportunities to find a suitable job.
At the end of June 2018 you are ready for rest and relaxation. Holiday, Sagittarius?

June 2018 shows a favorable financial month. Saturn is your planet of Finances.
Saturn in Capricorn teaches you to save money in order to prevent financial problems. Saturn accompanies Pluto in your House of Finances.
This serious cooperation between Saturn and Pluto teaches you the real value of possessions and to make good decisions in order to get a stable financial basis, for now and in the future. This learning period lasts until the beginning of 2020. The Full Moon of June 28, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. In your own company, there are still some financial loose ends to be covered. There are outstanding invoices to pay or debts to collect. The time has come to make important financial decisions, such as paying off a loan, cutting back or taking financial measures. This Full Moon shows a completion in the financial field or that something has to be completed. This influence will continue until mid-July 2018.

This month you need rest and relaxation in the first three weeks due to the influence of the Sun in Gemini. A detoxifying diet also has a beneficial effect on your body and mind. Good nutrition, adequate sleep and regular exercise are essential to keep your condition up to standard. June 2018 is a great month to plan activities together or to work out with friends. In the second half of June 2018, go to the Spa. A relaxing massage, meditation and yoga are essential to unwind.
Listen to your body and do not ignore her! If you are tired, get some sleep. If you feel tense, go for a walk. Let go of that bad habit.
At the end of June 2018 you will see the positive effects!

From June 26, 2018 to August 26, 2018, Mars is retrograded in Aquarius.
During that period you have difficulty focusing, coping or scheduling.
Make it easy for yourself when things get difficult. June 2018 is a month of ups and downs. Give yourself over to the cosmic current. 50% of the planets is in retrograde and you can not force anything. All in due time. Maybe vacation, Sagittarius?

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