Libra June 2018


Libra June 2018

June 2018 is a month with most planets at the top of the Libra horoscope. This is the time of the year that you are focused on career and on worldly goals. It is the period of independence and personal power. Almost anything is possible with this planetary force. The contribution of others is less important. The Cosmos wants to know what you can achieve on your own. June 2018 is really a wonderful month for your career, but love affairs, health and finances require your attention. June 2018 is also a month of making choices in terms of career, religious beliefs, health issues and moral values in the relationship.

Love and Relationships
June 2018 is not a bed of roses, Libra. Mars travels through your House of Love and Romance, and that influence strengthens the relationship. The red Warrior Mars is independent and wants to make clear where you stand. Romantic impulses are more powerful and resilient. There are disagreements between you and your partner about money and the perception of sexuality. Emotions run high, but in the end things turn out fine, even if it is armed peace.
Stop thinking what is wrong and what you miss in the relationship. Look at what you have. There is so much more. The single Libra looks for perfection in a partner, but does not find perfection. Who is perfect anyway? Give each other the emotional space that is needed. If it all gets too much for you, take a long walk.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 fell into your House of Communication, short trips, siblings, acquaintances and neighbors. In the first half of June 2018 there is a trip to visit friends or family. It is also possible that you buy a car, computer or mobile phone this month. The New Moon of June 13, 2018 in the House of Travel is also a reference to a trip or people from abroad come for a visit. There will be more e-mails, messages and phone calls in June 2018. This month you are working on a project at home such as a new interior, new carpet or curtains.
The Full Moon of June 28, 2018 falls into your House of Family and Home. The cosmic gateway to a change in your living situation, relocation or renovation. It is possible that during your busy career you are remodeling or you postpone these plans to a later period. In the coming two weeks, something will come to completion at home, there are plans to move or there is an actual move linked with your career.

The Libra experiences an annual peak in the career with the Sun in the House of Career!
From June 21, 2018 until July 22, 2018, the Sun shines in your House of Career and Destination. There are exciting developments! You get the chance to rip your stage and make the right impression. In mid-June 2018 you will get good news about your work.
Creativity is the key this month. Turning heads when you find a solution to a problem at work. And that feels good! At the end of June 2018 it is important to pay attention to a business relationship. Investing in that relationship really pays off, Libra.

Retrograde Pluto and retrograde Jupiter in the plutonic Scorpion ask you to be especially careful with all your investments and purchases. Are your finances in order?
This month there will be a good offer or at least improvement in your financial situation, for example by selling real estate or financial donation. Be careful with spending money. Retrograde Jupiter shows that good research is needed before you make a big investment or purchase.
Not everything is clear, and that makes you vulnerable. Don’t take blind financial steps.
Instead, start building a nest egg.

Just like last month, June 2018 is marked by purification of body and mind.
Take good care of your temple, it’s the house of your soul. Take good care of your emotional world as well.
Listen to the voice of your soul. Listen to your body.
You need relaxation, good nutrition and sufficient rest especially in the last week of June 2018.

Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto make you feel like there is not much happening in your life. This happens for a reason.
Take this opportunity to make new plans and set a new course for the future.
Significant changes this month only after careful consideration and sufficient preparation.