Your personal solar cycle and the universal solar cycle are in their growing phase, because
the New Moon of June 13, 2018 falls in your sign of Gemini.
It is now time to feed yourself with everything you really want.
June 2018 is the month of action. It’s Spring. Your best time of the year!
June 2018 shows a beautiful month for health, but love relationships, family, finances, personal ambitions, social activities and careers are under pressure.
The planetary forces are equally divided over the Gemini horoscope, so this is a month to evaluate and making the necessary improvements.
Even though there are challenges this month, in the end everything will work in your favor in June 2018.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of May 29, 2018 fell into the House of Relations. The first half of June 2018 is colored by an offer, promise, engagement or marriage. Especially the first week of June 2018 promises to be romantic. Not only in your private life lives the theme of solidarity and sustainability, but also in your circle of friends and business life new commitments are made or broken. It can be an end or a beginning. Whatever happens, the end or beginning is a new way for both parties. The journey of Saturn in Capricorn through your House of Soul, Intimacy and Sexuality brings the theme power and control into the relationship. You have to find out what causes these problems and find a solution. The influence of Saturn as Pluto in the House of Soul is about strengthening emotional bonds, but that also means saying goodbye to people with whom you have no emotional connection. The single Gemini finds love this month in spiritual places. A spiritual fair, meditation sessions, seminars or gatherings. Love is also more physical, so you want to touch and feel each other.

Family and Home
Communication in the family and family can throw a spanner in the works this month. Especially in the first half of June 2018 there may be misunderstandings. Not everyone is clear, but that also applies to you. By being unclear yourself, you remain in the dark and you remain a riddle for your family members. Not everyone understands your good intentions undoubtedly. It is important that you keep everything open to discussion. You do not always have to agree with each other, because every person is different and every person thinks differently. By listening to each other and opening yourself, you automatically come on the road of compromise. The second half of June 2018 is more quiet with more time to undertake activities together.

June 2018 is not really a productive month, Gemini. Neptune travels through the Career House from 2012 and still obscures your vision on your goals in life. Neptune can cause inner turmoil and confusion about your social destiny. Neptune, your planet of Career will go retrograde from June 18, 2018 until the end of November 2018.
In June 2018 you feel ambivalent about a project. There are mixed feelings about your work and that makes you insecure. Actually, you would prefer to walk away from it all. But stopping now is also a waste of all your work. It is best to take some distance from your work. From a distance you see everything much better. The solution will be obvious. At the end of the first week of June 2018 there will be news about your work. In the course of the second week of June 2018 you will make a decision. In any case you have to make a decision. But whatever you choose, the following is true: no choice is also a choice. At the end of June 2018 you come up with a good idea that can offer a solution.

As you know, the Moon is the ruler of the House of Finance for Gemini. That means that your financial situation is controlled by the ever-changing Moon and the aspects that the Moon makes with the other planets. The first half of June 2018 is the period of the Waning Moon and is the best time to arrange financial affairs. The Full Moon of June 28, 2018 falls into your House of Shared Finances. In the next two weeks, there will be cash from an insurance policy, tax, alimony, inheritance, repayment or loan.
The Full Moon means that financial affairs of your spouse, business partner, or loved one are highlighted. Entering into financial partnerships and financial agreements will be favored by the Full Moon from this moment until mid next month. With this Full Moon, there will be financial results such as dividend payment or return from investments.

June 2018 is a favorable month for your health. However, it is important to relax as much as possible. Keep have got to move. It does not matter what you do, walking, running, yoga, tennis, swimming or football, but move!
When you do, you automatically get energy! Leave the car and take the bike to work, if possible of course! Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
A relaxing massage is beneficial in the last week of June 2018.
Go outside as much as possible to warm yourself on the rays of the Sun.

Neptune in Pisces is in an annoying aspect to all Gemini who have their birthday between 1 and June 9. The influence of retrograde Neptune from June 18, 2018 makes you insecure, sensitive and impressionable and that is why 2018 is a year in which you do not know exactly which direction to take. It is advisable to stay close to yourself and not to take any major business risks.
The journey of retrograde Saturn in Capricorn has an inhibiting influence on all Gemini bone in May.
Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio does not make it any easier. And that means only one thing: adjusting, researching, do not go beyond your limits and hope for the best. Take some distance. From a distance you see everything better and answers come naturally.

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