Astrological monthly forecast for June 2018

The first month of Summer 2018 offers us an exceptional month of challenges, but also of hope.

However, the Summer of 2018 won’t be an easy period.
With no less than 50% retrograde planets, we’ll have a period of delay.
The influence of the forthcoming Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius at the end of July 2018 shows the need to let go of things, both collectively and in our personal lives.

June 2018 begins with the supportive and inspiring Bridge in Water from retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces.
This harmonious Bridge in Water brings hope and community spirit.
A spiritual search for the truth.
This heavenly call offers enormous potential for fruitful developments and positive growth, but not everyone sees these positive opportunities.

In the first week of June 2018 the Sun in Gemini travels together with the fast messenger Mercury, the planetary Ruler of Gemini. However, due to the square with Neptune in Pisces we are faced with a misleading influence. Conversations are difficult. Words are misinterpreted causing confusion both on a personal and business level. Do not be tempted by anyone or anything, so be on your guard.

Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio shows an enormous development in the world of recycling in both industry and households.
Jupiter in the plutonic Scorpion, the sign of build-up and breaking down and construction, construction and degeneration, demolition and renewal, shows the purification of Mother Earth as well, so during this cycle of retrogradation of Jupiter in Scorpio, we experience an increase in natural disasters such as landslides, extreme flooding, tidal waves, mud flows, volcanic and seismological activity.

Since 2008, the years of Pluto in Capricorn, we have seen a global financial, economic, social and cultural crisis: the credit crisis, the climate crisis, collapse of banks and bankrupt countries, the Arab Spring, the emergence of IS and unprecedented migration.
All signs of further degradation of old forms and structures.
The reforms that have been initiated as a result of the long-standing square between Uranus and Pluto are getting more and more shaped by the influence of Saturn in Capricorn since December 2017. We have all borne witness recently to historic events.

Uranus has been traveling through the element of Earth since last month.
The radical Uranus will make significant changes in the field of Taurus in the coming seven years, therefore in values and norms, money, property, agriculture, natural resources and commodities. Ideas born in the Fire of Aries will be transformed into tangible material in the Earth of Taurus.
Uranus in Taurus is a seven-year journey of technological progression to far-reaching changes in daily life such as the further development of robotics, computer science and artificial intelligence.
We are just at the cradle of this development. The influence of Saturn in the earthly Capricorn allows us to build the future that Uranus in Taurus offers us.

Mars travels through the airspace of Aquarius since May 17, 2018.
Mars in the revolutionary Aquarius is the fanatical champion of equal rights for man and woman, race, religion, origin and political preference.
On June 8, 2018 the Red Warrior is conjunct the Southern Node at 7º in Aquarius.
The Southern Node represents our collective past, memory and black mark.
Something is coming towards completion, something is being rectified. There may be a karmic event. Whatever happens is only meant to make adjustments.
Today, however, not a good day for the stock market, because in October 1929, October 1987 and September 2001, Mars was also conjunct the Southern Node. These times are engraved in our collective memory. This influence lasts until Sunday June 10, 2018.
Mars in Aquarius goes retrograde from June 25, 2018, but this strong effect is already present. The previous retrograde period of Mars in Aquarius was in 1971, so we experience recurring themes from this period.

On June 13, 2018 is the New Moon is in Gemini.
The New Moon is a recurring magical moment when the Light of Mother Moon is not perceptible in the sky. With this magical retreat of the Moon, the effect of the unconscious increases.
It is the breeding ground of all that is necessary for the growth of the next cycle, the growth towards the phase of the Full Moon. This New Moon in the logical, but also dualistic Gemini is strengthened with no less than eight Fixed Stars and especially in this volatile time, she asks for clear choices with mutual respect.
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Neptune travels since February 2012 through Pisces, domain of Pisces.
Neptune rules the infinite and boundless oceans and seas.
The realm of Neptune is the Higher Dimension, Hope and Higher Knowing, but it is also the undercurrent of illusion.
The dreamy Neptune goes retrograde from June 18, 2018 to November 24, 2018 in its own mystical kingdom of Pisces.
Neptune “declines” from 16º to 13º Pisces.
Neptune is often called the higher octave of the lovely Venus.
Our values for love, beauty and passions become ‘universal’ through the influence of the dreamy Neptune. Neptune in Pisces is inner creativity, art, film and music, but can also be a pink bubble of illusion.
Many of us live in a dream lead through illusion.
Retrograde Neptune reinforces the illusion that everything is possible, desiring for more of what can not be. Many walks the path of denial, avoid reality and dream the dream.
Neptune in Pisces is addiction to drugs, addiction to social media.
The illusion becomes visible during retrograde Neptune.
During the retrograde cycle of Neptune, we are painfully confronted with the fact that nothing is as it seems. In the media we continue to see a distorted picture of what is really going on, a totally different picture of physical reality.
Fake news, actually nothing is new under the sun.
We are witnessing the transition from the old world to the new world. Everything that is new can be frightening, because we are moving into unknown territory as humanity.
Feelings of uncertainty lead to fear, powerlessness and defenselessness. Fear then leads to violence and a downward spiral.
What is real? What is an illusion?
On June 18, 2018, retrograde Neptune in Pisces forms a harmonious Trine in Water with Mercury in Cancer and retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio.
A Bridge in Water of hope, connection and truth.
The third week of June 2018 is marked by the environment, animal welfare, social justice, human rights and innocent victims of war or abuse.
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The radiant center in the big sky, the Sun, remains in cheerful Gemini until June 21, 2018 and will obey the eternal dynamic law by joining the Water Sign of Cancer on June 22, 2018.
We celebrate the arrival of astronomical Summer. The feast of Litha, the moment the Sun reaches the highest point of the equator. The longest day and the shortest night.
Mother Earth shows her divine fertility and allows us to drink from her abundant source.
It is Midsummer, the Summer Solstice or the Summer Equinox for the Northern Hemisphere.
For the Southern Hemisphere, this magical day means the beginning of the Winter and the Winter Equinox.
From this day on, the days in the Northern Hemisphere become shorter until the moment of the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2018.

Since 2003, the red planet Mars is relatively close to our planet Earth. The proximity of the masculine Mars, the planet of action, energy and war and astrological Ruler of Aries, brings unrest and turmoil to the world.
Mars symbolizes the physical vitality and urge to survive that drives us to pursue goals in life. Mars is passion, sexuality, perseverance, anger, courage, trust and strength. Mars also symbolizes the military, war, law enforcement, militants, weapons, violence and fire.
The red warrior Mars goes “on holiday” from June 26, 2018 until August 27, 2018 and declines from 9º in Aquarius to 28º in Capricorn.
What can we expect from this retrograde cycle of Mars?
Retrograde Mars in Aquarius and in the Capricorn is about evaluating and adjusting individual and social goals, social involvement and future plans. Mars draws attention to aspects that have been overlooked before something new can be started.
In this biennial cycle of Mars retrograde, there is more tension, turmoil and social unrest.
There may threat of war, an armed peace, a cease-fire or new negotiations to prevent a war.
New plans are faced with opposition, postponement or adjustment. Friends can become enemies, so a “friendly handshake” can be misleading.
Retrograde Mars asks us: have actions in the past months led to the desired effect? Mars retrograde actually means: first work on a good strategy before moving on.
Retrograde Mars is a shift of the energy level in the world.
This high energy can guarantee uncontrollable developments if not kept under control.
During Mars retrograde this Summer, we will be dealing with three Eclipses including the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius of July 27, 2018 and the Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 11, 2018.
An astrological recipe of unpredictability and volatility.
In August 2018, retrograde Mars triggers the Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 31, 2018, so events from the beginning of this year get a sequence.
Because of this planetary tension, there is a constant threat on Earth.
This heavenly appeal offers enormous potential for fruitful development, recovery, improvements and positive growth, but not everyone sees these positive opportunities.
The moment when Mars goes direct is the starting signal to come out with renewed power.
That is from August 27, 2018, but it will take until October 9, 2018, before Mars is back from its starting position of 9º Aquarius.
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At the end of June 2018 we experience a significant slowdown due to retrograde Mars.
Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune are already retrograde.
This joint cycle of retrogradation can be frustrating, but is cosmically meant to revise projects that have started at the beginning of 2018 or to make adjustments.
This phenomenon returns every Summer. That’s why we have Summer vacation!
From the end of June to the end of August 2018 we see a slowdown, but that applies especially to anyone born with one or more retrograde planets mentioned above.

The Lunar Eclipse in Cancer on July 13, 2018 can lead to major delays until the end of September 2018. Mercury retrograde in Leo from July 26, 2018 and Mars Retrograde in Aquarius brings us all into a frustrating period of intense reflection, reassessment, contemplation and delay.
In the run-up to the Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 11, 2018, unpredictable things can happen.
In fact, we are energetically off course with regard to the future and past.
A clear path needs to be found and that is only possible when we let go both at a personal and collective level.
From the 27th of August 2018 onward, we are energetically in a period of recovery and ambition.
This period from June 26 to August 27, 2018 is intended to adapt earlier expectations.
After this period we may receive everything we have waited for so patiently.

The Full Moon in Capricorn of June 28, 2018 is conjunct retrograde Saturn.
Themes such as responsibility, limitation to the essential and taking steps to achieve goals are at the forefront with this grounded Full Moon.
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Hope you all have an exciting June!

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