Sagittarius July 2018


Sagittarius July 2018

There is an important planetary shift this month, Sagittarius. The planetary forces move ever further towards the top of the Sagittarius horoscope. On to a new cycle in which the outside world and career become important again. Most planets are on the western half of the Sagittarius horoscope. It is about social skills, adaptability and cooperation. July 2018 is a good month for foreign countries, travel, study, health and career, but relationships and finances mat cause you some concern. Due to all these retrograde planets, everything goes slower. Let yourself be carried away on this cosmic stream.

Love and Relationships
In the first half of July 2018, the relationship with your partner can be stressful, but the second half of July 2018 brings relaxation. In the steady relationship you are prepared to take a big step.
The single Sagittarius finds love this month in places where the Sun shines! On the beach, at a garden party or event. Mars is your planet of Love and Romance. The whole month of July 2018 until August 26, 2018 Mars is retrograde and that’s the reason why you have difficulty focusing or adopt a “wait and see” attitude. The partial Eclipse of July 13, 2018 takes place in your House of Soul, Transformation and Intimacy. Problems with sexuality require a solution. This time is about clearing the garbage out of your mind, such as breaking-up disappointing relationships. You come into contact with the dark side of your partner and with your own.

Family and House
Just like last month, July 2018 is largely dominated by the past. Experiences influence your present, experiences with your parents, your family, school or domestic circumstances. You want to break the chains of the past looking for your Destination. Through the influence of Neptune in Pisces (Neptune is your planet of House and Family) you are looking for your ideal home. Maybe you have been traveling for a very long time. Remember, you are at home where your heart lies. The second half of July 2018 is perfect for a party with friends or close relatives. You finally get the chance tell something that you have kept to yourself.

The cosmic energies of the Eclipses in July 2018 awaken your spiritual interest. The position of the Sun, Venus and Mercury also shows that you are interested in spiritual education, philosophy, cultural or higher education. Students, academics and teachers are successful this month and also the Sagittarius abroad, the spiritual and legal world. Because of retrograde planets everything goes slower, but after all it is holiday time. Take a break! There is a busy period ahead of you. Make use of this quiet period to evaluate everything in your career.

The Full Moon of June 28, 2018 fell into your House of Finance. In the first half of July 2018, you need to tie up some loose financial ends. The Full Moon shows a completion in the financial field or the need for something to be completed. Saturn is your planet of finance. Saturn in Capricorn is retrograde and this influence shows that financial investments require careful assessment.
The Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 falls into your House of Shared Finance, insurance, taxes, etc. You want to clear the vibes such as repayment of debts and resolving tax issues. This Solar Eclipse has to do with the finances of your partner so that drastic financial changes will be necessary. There may have been secret or unrealistic financial decisions in recent months and this Solar Eclipse is bringing all of this to the surface.

July 2018 is all about cleaning. Cleaning your body of impurities is of great importance to health.
A clean slate, too. Solve problems with family and friends, because a healthy relationship with them is the key to your emotional and physical well-being. Go outside as much as possible. Why waste your precious energy at work or with someone or something that does not deserve your attention? The influence of Uranus in Taurus in your House of Health can lead to a sudden change in the dietary pattern. Break with the daily routine. What is holding you back to start a diet or to exercise? Go to the doctor in time. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

The whole month of July until the end of August 2018, Mars is retrograde in Aquarius. During that period you have difficulty focusing or stick to your schedule. Half of the planets are retrograde and then you can not force anything. All in due time. Time for vacation! Looks like you got a pretty big job ahead of you. Leave that old baggage, that old karma, at the station and travel light.
Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio will help you to do so.