The planetary forces are divided equally between the eastern and the western half of the Leo horoscope. Your personal interests and those of others are in line, so you need the other person and vice verse. Your social charm has impact!
Retrograde planets have little or no influence on your progress, however Leo is entering a phase where you are asked for patience.
Spirituality and love play a major role in July 2018. Career and personal desires are taking a Lowe profile allowing more time for your private life.

Love and Relationships
July 2018 is full of love! Your loving attitude is warmly answered by your partner. July 2018 is a great month to meet a new partner, especially from July 23, 2018 with the Sun in Leo! Your openness and magnetic attraction will do the rest. However, retrograde Mars in your House of Relationships can also lead to distance in the relationship due to misunderstandings from the past. The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 can cause stress or misunderstandings in the permanent relationship during the Mars retrograde cycle. This cosmic event reveals hidden problems in your relationship. These problems are related to yourself instead of others. By recognizing these problems you take the first step to keep yourself from disruptive influences. You will only focus on those who contribute positively to your life.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of June 28, 2018 shows that something at home comes to completion in the first half of July 2018. Party time! The Full Moon tells you that the time has come to solve an existing problem in the family for now and forever. Retrograde Jupiter in your House of Family and Home indicates a move, renovation, buying or selling real estate or expanding or refurbishing your home. Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio is for Leo a quest for inner peace and tranquility in your private life. Retrograde Jupiter in Scorpio asks you to return to the past to restore a disturbed family relationship or to go back to your roots. During this period, there are good atmosphere at home and in the family with a better chance that problems will be resolved.

The Full Moon of June 28, 2018 fell into your House of Work.
Due to this influence, projects at work will be completed in the first half of July 2018.
The Full Moon also shows the need to solve any problems with a business partner or customer.
The Sun is connected to Leo. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 13, 2018 is the cosmic gateway to changes in the workplace to make your work safer and more comfortable.
Uranus in Taurus travels through your House of Career from May 16, 2018. Leo is already seeing unexpected developments. But you too do not want to meet the expectations of the world anymore. Changes come naturally. Leo who works in the world of charity and humanitarian aid gets the most satisfaction this month. In your own company, however, you are faced with unrest among the staff.

July 2018 is generally a financially favorable month. Mercury is your planet of finance. In the first half of July 2018, Mercury gets favorable aspects and that means unexpected cash flows and profitable prospects. A speculative company or a bet can be lucrative as well. Money is spent on personal luxury.
Retrograde Mercury from July 26, 2018 to August 18, 2018 indicates that you have to be careful with your spending. Financial transactions should be properly checked.

The Summer month July 2018 shows a beautiful month for your health, Leo.
With the Sun in Leo from July 23, 2018 you shine like never before!
The Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness. This Solar Eclipse is the cosmic gateway to important changes in your spiritual life and your experience of spirituality. It may be that you change faith or there is a profound change in the spiritual organization to which you belong. In the coming period, dreams can be lucid and predictive in nature. Your feet require special attention. Foot reflexology, pedicure treatment and foot baths are beneficial for you. Make sure your feet get enough support, because you could hurt your ankle or foot during exercise.

Due to the influence of retrograde Mars, July 2018 is a good time to put your cards on the table, but avoid conflicts as much as possible. Retrograde Mercury can lead to tensions at the end of July 2018 until mid-August 2018. Take it easy during that time, Leo.
Spirituality plays an important role in July 2018. You are looking for God or for the divine in order to find or to get into yourself. Prayer and meditation help you maintain mental stability.
The partial Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 takes you back to an event from the past. It will take you away, but the total Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 will restore your sense of trust and natural balance.

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