Capricorn July 2018


Capricorn July 2018

The Full Moon in Capricorn of June 28, 2018 was the harbinger of a new cycle in your life drawing attention to you and your direction in this life.
It gives your personality a great boost. Your strong will, creativity and motivation makes July 2018 the most productive month of the year.
July 2018 indicates a favorable month for your career, but your health, finances and relationships require your attention.

Love and Relationships
The Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 falls into your House of Relationships. This cosmic event gives you more understanding of yourself, your attitude and adaptability, private or business. It indicates the entering or termination of a new business partnership or personal relationship.
A period to strengthen a relationship or to end a relationship. Something has come to completion or something moves toward completion.
Through retrograde Mercury in Leo from July 26 to August 18, 2018, you experience an emotional distance or you create a emotional distance yourself.
The single Capricorn adopts a wait-and-see attitude due to retrograde Mars. This attitude, however, works like a magnet, because this cool attitude makes you are a true challenge!
At the end of July 2018 there can be an exciting development for the Capricorn!

Family and Home
In recent months, the strong influence of the red warrior Mars, your planet of Home and private life, has led to a desire to be free and to exercise authority. Because of retrograde Mars, the dust has settled. The well-being of your family comes first for you. Everything you do is in the interest of your family and that also applies to your career.
When you are doing right at work, things are going very well at home.
Because of retrograde Mars there is time for maintenance on the house, a renovation, a move or a new interior. For your family it also means a holiday, problem solving or a family gathering.

It is not easy to stay focused this month, Capricorn. You would rather be somewhere else, take a time-out to enjoy life and your family.
As you may have noticed, 2018 is a year of relative calm in order to acclimatize in a new work environment or new home. The influence of Jupiter in your House of Career has paved the way for progress last year and offered you unique opportunities for your career. Your career have taken a lot of time and you want to make up for lost time in your private life and social life. That is why it is good to listen carefully to yourself. When you listen carefully to yourself, you can perform better at work. In the first half of July 2018 there is a problem with a colleague. Do not put something on the sidelines, but deal with it directly. The longer you wait, the harder it gets. The second half looks great and that is because of your creative approach, Capricorn!

The journey of Mars through your House of Finance strengthens the chance of new financial opportunities such as a new job. However, Mars's retrograde period can lead to financial delays until August 13, 2018.
The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 falls into your money sector. This cosmic event leads to developments that focus on valuation and how you deal with money and property. Changes make it necessary to implement a different financial policy.
All major purchases and investments require thorough investigation and should be postponed if necessary. Your partner can be a source of financial support.

In the first three weeks of July 2018 you need peace and relaxation.
Emotional health and self-confidence are essential for your well-being. Therefore, solve any problems with friends and family members. When something does not feel right, you feel uneasy. Go outside as much as possible. To the park, to the beach. Connect with Mother Earth.
Listen to your body and its signals. Take care of your body. It is your most precious asset.

Most planets are on the western sector and that means that the planets are 'the furthest away from you'. The eastern sector means "ME". The western sector means “The Others".
The message of the Cosmos is clear: it is not about you, but about relationships.
Collaboration, adaptation and social skills are important for achieving success.
Half of the planets are retrograde, so things are slower.
Solve a conflict on your work as soon as possible.