Cancer July 2018


Cancer July 2018

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 13, 2018 is the cosmic gateway to a period of new beginnings, new opportunities and unprecedented opportunities. A new chapter and a clean break with the past. The planetary forces are equally divided over the Cancer horoscope. With your charm and attraction you accomplish so much, without losing sight of the interests of others. However, finance, career and relationships are confronted with contradictions and turbulence and that has to do with retrograde Mars, your planet of Career.

Love and Relationships
The energy of the Full Moon of June 28, 2018 in your House of Relations promises romantic moments and changes in the relational field in the first half of July 2018. A social period in which a promise or proposal or a business agreement is being made. Not only in your private life the theme is connection, but also in your circle of friends and business network new commitments are being made in the long term. This Full Moon is also a time to review all your relationships.
The influence of Uranus in Taurus can lead to changes in your social network in July 2018.
The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 calls for solutions to sensitive issues such as sexuality, intimacy and money issues that you share with your partner. There may be an obsession with something or someone. Take time for each other. Talk to each other if something does not feel right. Trust your intuition. The single Cancer finds love this month in places of wisdom, so in the cultural field, in an academic environment, in religious places or abroad.

Family and Home
This month you are busy with the preparations for a renovation of your house or in your immediate living environment there are construction plans or construction work. At home you are busy organizing and managing everything. The cosmic energies of the Eclipses this month make you break with the daily routine and provide space for creativity in your home and in your home environment. July 2018 is a good month to meet with family that you have not seen for a long time. You are interested in the past and well-being of family members. You want reminisce with friends and family. Family members also want to know how you are doing and are interested in your career plans.

July 2018 is a suitable month for a company-oriented course or advanced training in order to improve your professional knowledge. Do not expect too much progress this month. Everything goes slower and that is due to the influence of retrograde planets.
Mars is your planet of Career. Mars in Aquarius is also retrograde and that means: take one step at the time. There is no point in forcing, even if you want it so badly. This period until the end of August 2018 is meant for new strategies and adjust if necessary. Now you see what went wrong and you get the chance to fix things. Retrograde Mars will get you in touch with people from your past until August 27, 2018. You get the chance to solve existing problems.
Athletes and athletes among the Cancerians get good opportunities in July 2018. In the second week of July 2018 there may be good news. In the third week of July 2018 there are some developments. Give yourself a break at the end of July 2018.

The entire month of July 2018 looks favorable. Your House of Finance will be visited this month by Mercury, Venus and from July 23, 2018 the Sun in Leo. And that makes it a great time to take stock, make financial transactions, for investments and tenders. Speculative investments are also profitable. This month, money is spent on charity. The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius of July 27, 2018 asks for solutions for sensitive money issues that you share with the partner. In the financial situation of your spouse, loved one, a family member or business partner, changes will occur in the next six months. Something comes to an end and you come into contact with the dark side of your partner or yourself.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 13, 2018 means a redefinition of yourself, your personality and self-image. In the next six months an external transformation will take place, a metamorphosis through, for example, a new haircut, plastic surgery and new wardrobe. This month the energy level rises, a month of physical fitness and strength. This high energy can be channeled through sports, for example running, walking or going to the beach. Healthy food does the rest.
Listen to your body and take good care of yourself. Stop overstepping your bounds, especially in the second half of July 2018.

Relaxing is the magic word. Even if you are busy or do you think you are busy. Slow down, Cancer. Why are you in such a hurry?
Unwind. When you are relaxed, you can see clearly and there is room for new experiences.