Most planets are still at the bottom of the Virgo horoscope this month, so you are still building the infrastructure of your future success. The inner work and finding emotional harmony is essential to be successful in the outside world.

Love and Relationships
The Full Moon of January 2, 2018 falls into your House of Friendships, groups and organizations. January 2018 is therefore a social month to spend together with friends or loved ones. This month you will give everyone love and support. This month you do not wish to fight. A good mutual atmosphere is much more important to you. There is an event or party for which you have been invited or you are going to organize a party or event. It is possible that a friend will get married. On January 17, 2018 the New Moon falls into your House of Love and Romance! With this New Moon you may fall in love head over heels! In any case, there are parties or events and new friendships are closed and an exciting date for the single Virgo. In January 2018, love awaits in the workplace or in the medical world or health care facility.

Family and Home
The New Moon of January 17, 2018 shows that children play a key role this month. You will spend a lot of your time with children, playing, exercising and be creative or play a supporting role in school or study. There may be news about a pregnancy in your family.. Also pay attention to your own inner child and be more aware of your creative self and your creative journey in this life.
The red warrior Mars travels from January 27, 2018 through your House of Family and Home. An active period for work at home such as renovation and more energy for domestic activities. Because of the influence of Mars, the atmosphere at home is defensive, but despite this challenge it is a good time for a holiday with your family. Through the influence of Saturn in Capricorn, you see a significant change in your children or children in the family or immediate environment. Children need your attention and guidance.

Your planet of Career is the fast Mercury. Fortunately, Mercury is no longer in retrograde!
Despite the direct Mercury, this month is rather uneasy. The organization that you work for has to deal with problems such as a reorganization, internal investigation, work stoppage or intense competition. In your own company you are faced with bureaucracy due to changes in legislation and regulations. You have to be alert to maintain your position, because the competition is lurking. For the job seeker Virgo, further training is necessary to qualify for a job. The Sun enters your House of Work from January, 21 2018. A favorable period to find a job or get more assignments for your own business.

Jupiter’s journey through your House of Finance has ensured financial stability and security for the future in the past year. January 2018 further elaborates on these favorable developments. January 2018 is a stable month in which income could cover current expenditures.
Venus is your planet of finance. The first half of January 2018 is favorable to speculating or making an investment through the position of Venus in Capricorn.
Budget monitoring remains advisable. Due to the unpredictable influence of Uranus, there may be uncertainties or unexpected events concerning money such as shared resources may include money from the partner, alimony, taxes, loans, insurance, and so on.

January 2018 is a favorable month for the health of Virgo.
You can control your health, so watch your diet, exercise more, don’t stay up too late, quit smoking and alcohol. Avoid stress in your life.
Releasing bad habits is a good start. From 21 January 2018 you need more rest.
Take time for yourself. The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 31, 2018 reveals hidden pain and secret desires in the coming six months. Although this can be painful for you, this cosmic passage is desperately needed to let go of old pain and karma in order to continue in this life. A form of therapy can help with this.

From January 27, 2018 the red warrior Mars travels through your House of Family and Home.
An active period for work on and around the house such as renovation and more energy for domestic activities. You are bursting with energy and new ideas. Because of the influence of Mars, the atmosphere at home is defensive, but it is a good time to spend an active holiday with your family or family.
Spend more time with your family and children! Interactions at home are largely related to children. But children are not the core of the problem. In most cases, the cause lies deeper. Children act like a mirror so we can learn from this.
Of course there are concerns, but be spontaneous and make time to enjoy each other.

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