Taurus January 2018


Taurus January 2018

All planets are at the top of the Taurus horoscope.
This is the time of the year that you are focused on career and on your worldly goals, your role in the outside world, career and spirituality. Now is the time to make progress, Taurus. An important planetary shift is taking place this month. In the coming six months, the emphasis will be on personal entrepreneurship and independence. But at the moment, social skills are just as important as free will. That is why collaboration is the key to success!

Love and Relationships
The red warrior Mars travels with Jupiter through your House of Relationships until January 26, 2018, so the year starts well! You want nothing more than to be together with your partner and working together with colleagues and family. It may be that a feeling of uncertainty will overtake you this month. When Taurus is insecure, Taurus will manifest more strongly than he or she really is. It would be better to show your vulnerability talk about your feelings. Open your heart, Taurus.
The fixed relationship has to deal with a number of challenges this month. Do your best to view things from a different perspective. The single Taurus has to present his or her brave side in the last week of the month. Show your true feelings. If you do that, love will open for you.

Family and Home
The Full Moon of January 2, 2018 falls into your House of Communication, short trips, siblings, acquaintances and neighbors. In the first half of the month there is a trip to visit friends or family. It is also possible that you buy a car, computer or mobile phone this month. There are more e-mails, messages and phone calls this month. There will be some power struggles at home. This is a preview of the coming Lunar Eclipse on January 31, 2018. Do not get angry, but set a good example. Keep everything open and be honest. The second half of January 2018 will be influenced by the impending Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018. This Lunar Eclipse falls into your House of Family and House. There are tensions and conflicts between family members. You must approach family members carefully. The Lunar Eclipse brings out unspoken anger and negative aspects in the family sphere, but will help to find a solution for restoring a dragging situation.

The New Moon of January 17, 2018 falls into the House of Knowledge, Philosophy of Life and Travel. Business training and traveling for your work and contacts with foreign countries or foreigners are recurring themes this month. A chance of having a new job abroad. New opportunities for students and teachers. Great time to study or to revise and renew your spiritual ideals. From January 19, 2018 to February 10, 2018 your planet Venus will travel through the House of Career and this influence will lead to positive developments in your career.

From January 19, 2018 to February 10, 2018, your planet Venus will travel through the House of Career.
The transit of Venus has a favorable influence on your finances. The New Moon of December 18, 2017 fell into your House of joint resources, taxes, credit cards and loans. This shows that a budget plan, savings plan or budget or deed at the notary has opened the door to new developments. The temptation remains that you want to spend more money than you earn, so stay vigilant. Be cautious about speculative projects and investments this month.

The first three weeks of January 2018 are beneficial for your health, thanks to the Sun in Capricorn. Venus is also your planet of Health. Venus in Capricorn is until 18 January 2018 a favorable period to start a diet or to have a look at your diet. Are you comfortable with yourself? What is your target weight? Do you eat regularly? Do you drink enough water? Be honest with yourself, but do not condemn yourself. Venus is supported by Pluto in Capricorn and that is always favorable. So although it is not easy to keep up a diet, do not give up! Because from the third week of January 2018 you will be proud of yourself when you see the results. In the last week of January 2018 you have to take it easy, Taurus.

The total Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018 will lead to a renovation, purchase or sale of your house in the next six months. The cause of these changes are related to your career or personal goals. It is up to you to guide your family and family safely through this uncertain period. Your colleagues also need you. Be satisfied with what you have and what there is. There is so much to enjoy.