In January 2018 the emphasis is on personality, finances and career.
This month all planets are at the bottom of the Scorpio horoscope. The Night or the inner world.
In this semi-annual cycle you are busy with emotional processing and building up for the coming cycle in which the outside world becomes important.
There is a clear planetary shift from the eastern side to the right side of the Scorpio horoscope. From the “I” to the “other”. Collaboration will be the keyword in the coming months to reach your goals.

Love and Relationships
Neptune also strengthens the desire for the soul connection and the sharing of pure love in January 2018. January 2018 is an exciting month, but also a month of turmoil, changes and surprising revolutions. Love can also be complicated or downright inaccessible. After an impetuous start, you take things a bit easier in the first week of January 2018. You feel more comfortable in the company of good friends. But an invisible force forces you to that special person in the first weekend of January 2018. This encounter can be of great significance to you. The search for the “ideal partner” is not easy. But what is “ideal”? Who is “ideal”? Misunderstandings can also occur in the permanent relationship. Do not look for love too far from home, Scorpio. The second half of January 2018 is all about feelings. Sharing feelings. Recognizing feelings.

Family and Home
From December 22, 2017, the moment of the Winter Equinox, the Sun entered your House of Communication, transport, short trips, siblings, neighbors and your neighborhood.
The Full Moon of January 2, 2018 shows a trip with family, a celebration or closure. Because of the planetary forces at the bottom of the Scorpio horoscope, this period is all about your private life, the house and the contact with the family in order to create peace and stability.
Also the New Moon of January 17, 2018 falls into your House of Communication, transport, short trips, siblings, neighbors and your immediate living environment. The New Moon shows an urgent domestic development. Uranus is your planet of Family and House. It is possible that a health issue has played a transformative role in your family for a long time. There are circumstances this month in which your family need you. From 21 January 2018 you also need the support of your family.

Mars is your planet of Work. Mars in Scorpio is a real boost for everything you do this month. The Full Moon of January 2, 2018 falls into your House of Travel and Higher Study which is good for the study. A study, trip or business trip can lead to great results. With the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in the House of Communication, January 2018 is all about acquiring and spreading knowledge. January 2018 is the month to achieve success in the world of written word, journalism or publishing. Great month to publish a book, blogging, vlogging, or publishing an article in a newspaper or magazine. This is also a successful month for students and teachers. The last week of the month is the best chance of finding a job or finding the right man or woman for the vacancy for your company. The Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 in your House of Career shows the possibility of progress and success, but only if you are passionate about it.

The New Moon of December 18, 2017 fell into your House of Finance. This New Moon has led to developments that changed your mind about the concept of value. Financial ambiguities have now been clarified. This month you are going to make an investment or secure your pension.
A return can be expected now. Jupiter is your planet of the Money. With the influence of Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio you get a huge cosmic boost!
The red warrior Mars travels from January 27, 2018 to March 17, 2018 through your House of Finance. A favorable period for pursuing your financial goals and improving your finances.
Family members, social contacts, but especially your social skills contribute to extra income. Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio tempt you to spend money on luxury things. A period of more financial stability and security, but January 2018 is the month to determine what is important to you and what is not. What is of value to you?

Jupiter’s journey through Scorpio is about (re) discovering your personality! Saturn in Capricorn offers the Scorpion a period of realism and mental orientation, but also of pessimism. Because of the influence of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn this year, you are generally more serious and pensive. You often worry about lions and bears on your path. The first three weeks of January 2018 seem favorable for your health. In the last week of the month you need peace and relaxation. Have a good night’s sleep, a warm bath …. Your health requires more attention. You should pay particular attention to improving your emotional well-being in order to remain physically healthy. What could you do to improve your health?

The red warrior Mars in your sign Scorpio gives you a great boost this month.
And Jupiter travels until 8 November 2018 through your own sign, Scorpio! A rebirth of yourself!
In this new 12-year cycle of growth and expansion you will get to know yourself in a deeper sense and explore your limits.
New experiences and people you will meet this month and later this year are of great value and contribute to inner growth.
Good career planning is the best start. Take your time. From the spring of 2018, things are beginning to move very fast now.

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