Your planet Mercury is direct again! You can not wish for a better start of the year.
Collaboration, however, remains the key to success. In this period you depend on the cooperation of others, so do forget a independent and stubborn attitude for the time being.

Love and Relationships
January 2018 is the month of intimacy. The first half of January 2018 is mainly colored by romance and communication. You want to talk and share with your partner, friends and colleagues. Talk about your feelings. The journey of the red warrior Mars through your House of Relations can lead to tension in the relationship or in the cooperation until January 27, 2018, but can also give you the energy to make changes.
Your need for love and intimacy is increasing. You want to share your love and show how great your love is. There isn’t anything you wouldn’t do. The single Gemini goes out hunting and is not really choosy due to this hunger for love and attention. A conquest, however, is short-lived.
In a fixed relationship you are demanding and sometimes unstoppable. You must be careful in a fixed relationship. In a relationship it is about giving and taking. What could be better if you both enjoy each other? The New Moon of January 17, 2018 falls into the House of Intimacy. Because of this influence you wish to turn over another leaf in case you are not satisfied. Maybe even throw away all that you have. But perhaps it would be better to revive a current situation.

Family and Home
January 2018 begins quietly and comfortably for family and home apart from some small collisions. Your home is now the safe haven to return to after a long working day. January 2018 also shows a short trip with your family. Just a break during a busy period, because you have to make a number of important business decisions. The Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018 may show that your car or other means of transport, mobile phone or computer needs to be repaired or replaced. The Lunar Eclipse changes the way of communication with close relatives, friends and family. There will be more communication via the telephone, the internet or in another way. Close family members may experience changes in the study or in finance.

It is now the best time to make a career change, to apply for a job, make progress in the study, a study trip or business trip, presenting a new product to the world, making a new start or new project in your company. You therefore embrace the new year with enthusiasm and expectation to implement, to create and to innovate changes.
The red warrior Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio travel through your House of Work and daily routine. Until January 26, 2018, this is a productive and efficient period with many opportunities to find work or to improve a situation at work. A favorable period to apply for a job! However, your enthusiasm can lead to envy from colleagues and employees who are afraid of changes or see your enthusiasm as a threat. Make sure to relax this month, because stress is lurking. A brisk walk, go to the gym and having an early night are good remedies to stay fit in these busy times.

Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio travel through your House of Work and this influence guarantees more income. However, financial success depends on your ability to work together, so put your best foot forward, Gemini.
As you probably know, the Moon is the planetary ruler of the House of Finance for Gemini.
This means that your financial situation is influenced by the ever-changing Moon and the aspects that the Moon makes with the other planets. The Full Moon of January 2, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. This month more money is coming in through a salary increase, another job, more turnover, payment or compensation. Be cautious about speculating or investing. The New Moon of January 17, 2018 falls into your House of Shared Finances. The message of this New Moon is clear: Just focus on the essential and economical where possible. A new relationship (business or private) starts off energetically, but can stumble over a financial issue.

In January 2018, your health will gradually improve, Gemini. From 20 January 2018 you will see an improvement with the Sun in Aquarius. However, it remains important to keep exercising, a healthy diet and frequent moments of rest and relaxation. If you do not feel good about yourself, it has to do with fatigue. Fatigue has many causes. Your diet, emotional problems, relationship problems, problems at work, lack of sleep, stress. Whatever it is, be honest and do something about it. Life is too good, don’t let it be ruined by stress.
With the Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 you decide to let go of negative thoughts as much as possible and to focus on what really matters. Your happiness, your physical and emotional well-being.

Leave your career at the office. Do not take business problems home. Talk about it and let it go. Relax at home. By letting go of everything you come back into yourself.
Be cautious about speculating or investing. The New Moon of January 17, 2018 falls into your House of Shared Finance. The message of this New Moon is clear: Just focus on the essential and economize wherever possible. Take care of your business, Gemini! Accuracy yields money, indifference leads to loss.

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