The Sun in Capricorn travels through your House of Personality until 20 January 2018. Most planets remain in the first quadrant of personal power and independence.
So this month focuses on you, your wishes and your own inner strength. During this period you can more easily create conditions as you wish.
The New Moon of January 17, 2018 is in your sign, Capricorn! The second half of January 2018 and the first half of February 2018 are thus characterized by your personal wishes and needs. Your universal solar cycle is in its growing phase. In this period you celebrate your new Solar Year. Congratulations, Capricorn!

Love and Relationships
The Moon rules the House of Relationships for the Capricorn. The Full Moon of January 2, 2018 is super romantic and falls into the House of Relations. The Full Moon creates changes in the relational area. A promise or proposal or the conclusion of an agreement. It can be an end or a beginning. Whatever happens, this end or beginning is a new way for all parties. Not only in your private life the theme is prominent, but also in your circle of friends and business network, new commitments are being made in the long term.
The single Capricorn gets plenty of love opportunities, but it looks like these won’t be for long. You love your freedom, Capricorn. The intense Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 falls into your House of Soul and Intimacy. Sensitivities related to money issues you share with your partner and  sexuality require a solution in the coming six months

Family and House
January 2018 is a harmonious month. Business as usual at home. Focus on your family and family this month. Being together, sharing together. Going out together to get a little culture such as a visit to the museum, a show or a concert! Mars is your planet of House and Family. Mars in Scorpio makes January 2017 a month of socializing with family and friends.
The influence of Jupiter in your House of Career led to progress last year. The influence of Jupiter has offered you unique opportunities for your career, but these may have been at the expense of your private life. You did not have much time for your family, family and friends, but now the time has come to catch up on lost time.
From the last weekend of January 2018 you have more need to be alone. Time for yourself.

Last month, the planetary power shifted to the lower half of the Capricorn horoscope. The time of the Night has come, a time of cosmic Hibernation so to speak. The focus of attention has shifted  towards private life. This period lasts until the end of June 2018. A period of rest and recovery. Most planets, however, are still in the first quadrant of the Capricorn horoscope, the quadrant of personal power and independence. You do things on your own, in your own way. During this period you can more easily create conditions as you want and you are not dependent on the input or help of others, but this is about to change soon. During this period, the Night, you prepare yourself for the next cycle of success in your career. You may feel insecure about your career.

“Am I on the right path?” This month you get the answers you are looking for.

From the moment of the Winter Equinox, December 22, 2017 you have to deal with financial challenges. Do not worry too much, because from the second half of January 2018 things are going in the right direction. Venus travels from 19 January 2018 through your House of Finance. The positive influence of Venus shows financial support through a windfall, bonus, payment or support from your family, probably an older family member.
From 21 January 2018 the Sun will enter your House of Finance. Financially this is the best period of the year, so take advantage of it, Capricorn. During this period there may be a wage increase or a favorable investment.
The Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 falls into your House of Shared Finance. In the financial situation of your spouse, partner, a family member or business partner, major changes will occur in the next six months. Something comes to an end and you will meet the dark side of someone or your own.

January 2018 is a favorable month for your health due to the warm influence of the Sun in Capricorn. However, it’s yours at a price. What is in your power to make yourself stronger?
More exercise, a healthier diet, stop smoking?
From January 27, 2018, Mars travels through your House of Cosmic Consciousness.
You need more need to find the peace in yourself. A good period for a retreat or a form of therapy to let go of unconscious problems from the past and old karma.

January 2018 is a great month for a company-oriented education or business trip. Your commitment to the world of charity can have a major impact on the progress of your career.
Keep a tight schedule this month.

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