Sagittarius February 2018


Sagittarius February 2018

At this moment of the year, all planets are on the underside of the Sagittarius horoscope.
There is a strong focus on your inner world, family, emotional healing by reconciling with the past and achieving inner emotional balance. A time to dream about the future and to visualize your career and strategies. It is Night for the Sagittarius, the period of the cosmic hibernation!
The outside world is less important now.
The focus is increasingly on social skills, flexibility, teamwork and cooperation.
This month the emphasis is on personal happiness and finances.

Love and Relationships
The Red Warrior Mars travels from the end of January 2018 to the middle of March 2018 through your sign, Sagittarius. Mars is connected to Aries. And Aries rules your House of Love and Romance! February 2018 is therefore a promising and passionate month for love. This month shows openings to embrace a new love! With Mercury in Aquarius you want to discuss with people with another outlook on life, talking about various topics. Love awaits in your neighborhood or place that you are familiar with such as your inner circle, family or clubhouse.
So do not skip that special invitation! At the end of the month you will notice that spirituality will play a significant role in the relationship. Patience is the key word this month, Sagittarius. Due to the influence of Uranus in Aries, a romance remains volatile due to the unpredictable influence of Uranus in Aries. Love comes and love goes unexpectedly. In the permanent relationship you are prepared to take a next step. Valentine's Day promises to be super romantic.

Family and Home
Jupiter is the Ruler of Sagittarius. The great benefactor Jupiter and the powerful Pluto in February 2018 support collaboration on DIY projects, a new interior or a renovation of your home. You also want to spend more time with your family, your children and creative projects at home. Take the time to reconcile and (re)connect with family and friends.
The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 falls into your House of Communication. In the coming six months it will be easier to communicate with close relatives and to say what you think. A pleasant surprise awaits you in the course of February 2018!
February 2018 is a good month to go on holiday together with your family or to plan a family reunion. In the second half of the month you won’t get bored! Do not forget your friends, so invite them for a great time at the end of the month.

The total Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018 may be the reason to take a new direction. Another job, a new field of study?
The career is at a low level during this period of the year.
The Sagittarius is in the period of preparation and visualization. February 2018 is a favorable month to apply for another job or business-related training.
This is a time of preparation, time for orientation. A period to take some distance from the work in order to look at the bigger picture. You can count on the support of your friends, colleagues, acquaintances and your loved ones in every choice you make. Networking gives you the most amazing ideas. February 2018 is a prosperous month for teachers and the students.

The New Moon of January 17, 2018 fell into your House of Finance.
In February 2018, there are favorable planetary aspects showing financial opportunities, such as a more lucrative job or business opportunities, a promotion or a great offer in your company.
You can count on the financial support of family, social contacts and organizations. Not everything works out the way you hope, Sagittarius.
It is advisable to have the right information before you make an investment or large purchase this month.
Saturn accompanies Pluto in Capricorn through your House of Finance. Saturn and Pluto both teach you the value of possessions, how to deal with money and to make right decisions in order to get a stable financial basis, for now and in the future. It is up to you to make the right financial decisions.

Jupiter stays in your House of Cosmic Consciousness until November 8, 2018. This period is marked by letting go of old baggage and the elaboration of karma. Right now the focus is on your inner world, family, emotional healing by reconciling with the past and achieving inner emotional balance. Now is the time to put things in order. The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 falls into your House of Communication. In the next six months it will be easier to communicate and say what you think. Venus is your planet of Health. From February 11, 2018, the influence of Venus in Pisces brings foot problems, flu or colds. Massages, regular withdrawal of yourself in peace and spiritual healing are beneficial. Regular rest and relaxation are necessary to keep your energy level up to standard. Resign yourself to strengthen yourself energetically to resume your dynamic activities. Keep moving as much as possible, Sagittarius. The great outdoors is waiting for you.

Just focus on everything that gives you a good feeling. This can be food, activities or people.
These are the things that feed and strengthen you energetically. All the other things only weaken your. Let it go, Sagittarius.
Do not hide yourself behind your work, but make time available for your family, for your family and your loved ones and all the things that are important in your life.