Libra February 2018


Libra February 2018

Also in February 2018 most planets are still at the bottom of the Libra horoscope. The Night.
So also this month, the focus is on home, family and emotional well-being. The period of building up, preparing and creating stability so that you can focus on your career. A successful career is only possible if there is stability and peace at home.
February 2018 is a fantastic month for love and relationships, but finances can be a challenge this month. Creativity is an important element this whole month.

Love and Relationships
February 2018 is a blistering month for love. The single Libra goes hunting. Love awaits you at parties, social gatherings, at work, resorts, health institutions and social organizations, wherever people come together. Especially the first three weeks of February 2018 are all about exciting encounters, fun, romances and love. The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 falls into your House of Love and Romance. For the Libra, this means the beginning or the end of a love affair in the next six months. A new love, but also more dedication, a commitment or the deepening of the steady relationship.

Family and House
In this month the focus is on home, family and emotional well-being. You can count on loving support and dedication of your family in everything you do.
With the presence of your planet Venus in the House of Creativity and Children this month, you love to be creative at home with family members and children. February 2018 is a month of parties and fun for the whole family. Creativity is an important element this month. You are creative in finding solutions, but you are also creative at home. Children play the main role this month. Children need you. The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 takes place in the House of Children. This can be the beginning of a new development in the life of your children or children in the family. The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 shows whether this development has come to fruition.

Things are going to change in your career. Most planets are at the bottom of the Libra horoscope. The Night. It is a period of preparation and evaluation for your career, such as business-related training programme and the emotional aspects and communication skills in your career.
The Moon is ruler of your House of Career. The Moon is from 16 to March 1th 2018 in her Waxing phase. The Moon is Waning from 1 to February 14 2018. So use the Waxing phase to achieve career goals. The phase of the Waning Moon is suitable for finishing work or making ends meet.
What changes do I want to make in my career? Do I still like my work? Where is my passion?
In the first week of February 2018 you will face a challenge and these question's comes to the fore. Listen to your inner voice. At the end of February 2018 all the pieces will fall into place, Libra. Starting next month, an important planetary shift will take place towards cooperation and consensus in reaching your goals.
It is the prelude to a period in which your career will become more important again.

Due to the beneficial influence of Jupiter in Scorpio through your House of Finance, your financial picture remains stable. Thanks tot Jupiter in Scorpio there are unprecedented financial opportunities such as a good offer in your company or a new job with better prospects.
The red fighter Mars has paved the way for even more financial opportunities last month. The flying start of 2018 has a positive financial impact on the rest of the year. In the first three weeks of February 2017 there are positive prospects and a favorable period for making an investment. There is enough money due to your creative approach. Especially in the first half of February 2018 social connections play an important role in the financial position. In addition to your own income, income from your loved one or marriage partner, business partnership, family members and older colleagues will also support you financially and provide new financial openings.
From February 19, 2018, there will be some financial challenges.

Through the influence of Neptune by your House of Health and Work you risk catching a cold or ending up in bed with the flu. A health problem in the first half of February 2018 has to do with stress at work.
Your planet Venus enters your House of Health and Work on February 11, 2018.
Plenty of rest, but also sports, regular body massages, meditation, yoga, relaxation and a purifying diet are beneficial.
Use your energy in the right way and do not worry too much. Talk about what’s on your mind.
Your health is your greatest asset!

The total Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018 also shows that you are pursuing a dream with your heart and soul and now come to the conclusion that you do not want this dream anymore.
When this is the case, just let it go.
The total Lunar Eclipse of January 31, 2018 fell into your House of Friendships. This month and until the Summer of 2018, friendships are put to the test. Friends may come, friends may go.
The chaff is separated from the wheat. Mars is Ruler of the House of Relations for Libra. Mars is not in retrograde and that gives friction in the steady relationship. You expect too much or you want too much, then you want to be alone again and when you are, you feel miserable.
Do not pretend like nothing is wrong, but do something about it.