Last month, an important planetary shift took place towards the top of the Leo horoscope.
This month it becomes clear that the focus is on the outside world in the coming months.
Your ambition is growing, your urge for worldly success is getting stronger. Now the time has come to make your social dreams come true.
This period of the year is dedicated to togetherness. Almost all planets are in the western sector of the Leo horoscope. This is a period when you need the other person to achieve your goals, both private and business.

Love and Relationships
You’ve probably already noticed: The red fighter Mars travels from January 27, 2018 through your House of Love and Romance. Mars guarantees exciting encounters, conviviality and romantic hours. Through the influence of Mars you are also willing to fight for love, however you want to love at all costs.
Your social life is flourishing and you are also busy networking.
The presence of the Sun in Aquarius guarantees a social period of togetherness and sharing in the first half of February 2018. The Solar Eclipse of 15 February 2018 in the House of Relationships refers to a new business partnership or relationship or the termination of a business partnership or relationship. Many Leos decide to take the next step by making a commitment, getting married or living together. From February 19, 2018 the Sun travels through Pisces and this is the best time for the one-on-one relationship, the depth and the sharing of intimacy. It is also possible that during this period you want more control over your partner or experience the opposite in your relationship.

Family and Home
Scorpio is Ruler of the House of Family and House for Leo. The transit of the Great Jupiter through Scorpio shows that you are making plans or are moving, renovating, buying or selling real estate, expanding or refurbishing your home. The red fighter Mars has already given a great cross last month! Mars in Sagittarius, however, shows a rebellious atmosphere at home this month. Give each other more room to grow, you need that too. The zodiacal sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun. That is why every Solar Eclipse works out so powerfully for every Leo. The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 falls into your House of Relationships.
This cosmic event can bring major changes to your family in the next six months, for example family ties will be broken or strengthened, marriage or divorce, children come and go or a move because of the career.

From January 21, 2018, Leo gets a planetary shift to the upper half of the Leo horoscope.
Career and social goals are becoming increasingly important.
February 2018 is a favorable month for your career. In the past few months you have had the time to check for yourself what you want in your career or which direction you want to incorporate into your life. The answers come automatically, now that the pieces of the puzzle fit.
Trust your intuition in the second half of February 2018. It feels like you are being carried.
Uranus in Taurus travels through your House of Career from 16 May 2018 and that is the beginning of major changes in career and social status. Read more about this in the 2018 annual predictions for Leo.

Mercury is your planet of finance. Mercury retrograde is over, so this is a good time to make an investment or finance a project. Things are moving in the right direction with your career, so more money is coming in. From February 19, 2018 the Sun travels in Pisces through your House of Shared Finances. From that moment you will be dealing with the income of third parties such as your spouse, business partner or loved one. You can count on the financial support of your partner, social network or authorities. The planets show a small financial obstacle this month, but with your charm and persuasiveness, you know how to find a solution and get what you or your partner are entitled to.

The New Moon of January 17, 2018 showed that your emotional well-being is the most important thing.
Be nice to yourself, Leo. The New Moon has shown that following a diet, sufficient rest, yoga, meditation or a form of sport are of the utmost importance to maintain your energy level.
Time for rest and relaxation, massages, a good night’s sleep and letting go of unhealthy habits and people. Watch your breathing and also your teeth.
From February 19, 2018 your health improves. Learn to control your energy, Leo.

The Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018 has focused on what is right or wrong in your life.
Perhaps you regret a decision and you have to deal with periods of success, but also of setbacks and delays.
Your career can take a special turn this year, but your income will remain stable or will be improved this year. However, it is important this month to diversify investments, revenue and expenditure as much as possible. Do not trust anyone with good financial advice. Instead, trust yourself and your intuition.

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