Most planets are at the top of the Cancer horoscope and there are no retrograde planets, so there’s no stopping you! The focus will be on the outside world, career, ambitions and entrepreneurship. But all those planets are still in the western sector of the Cancer horoscope, so cooperation remains the key to success. In this period you are still dependent on the cooperation of others, so you need your charm and social skills to achieve your goals.
In love and finances there are some challenges, but the prospects for career and health look promising.

Love and Relationships
For the Cancer in the fixed relationship, February 2018 is not really a month to be remembered. The relationship may come under pressure due to planetary influences. It is not advisable to make a hasty decision about the relationship. February 2018 is not a good month to get married or engage in a form of collaboration, both business and private.
The intense Solar Eclipse in Aquarius of 15 February 2018 leads to the breaking of contacts with people who have a negative effect on you.
The single Cancer is burning with desire to embrace a new love. Love can be found in your inner circle, at a party, social gatherings, fairs, seminars and associations.
However, it is about the new, the excitement, the tension of the unknown. But perhaps the new and exciting is not always what you seek or need in your life.

Family and Home
A new project at home is always a challenge, regardless of what it is. But this month you really need have a good plan first before you start a new project. Not everything goes
your way or go according to plan. Especially the first half of February 2018 presents an uneasy picture. The best thing you can do now is to leave everything as it is and not to force anything.
Your attention is now more with your career. The second half of the month will be better and you feel inspired again, but even then you need a carefully thought out plan before you start a new project.

The erratic and unpredictable influence of Uranus in Aries has shown great changes in your career and social life over the past seven years.
Uranus in Aries will remain in your House of Career and Social Destination until May 15, 2018.
The Red Warrior Mars is your planet of career. Mars travels through your work sector from the end of January to the middle of March 2018 and that makes February 2018 a very productive period. Career and a lot of hard work. Even though it is a hectic time, you love to keep busy. Your career is actually your refuge! February 2018 is a favorable month for the job seeker Cancer. This month you will learn new things about life. New things at work, learning new things from other people.
A new and unique project at work makes you enthusiastic, but be on your guard. Just listen and observe. Not everything is gold that glitters. Take your time with everything you do and do not rush anything in the second half of February 2018. The Cancer in a higher study will have to deal with major changes in the study, which means that plans have to be adjusted.

The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 31, 2018 fell into your House of Finance.
This cosmic event leads to developments that focus on valuation and how you deal with money and property. The financial situation can come under pressure this month. More caution is required in financial projects in the first half of February 2018. This is the time to be cautious with spending, to save money in your company and household.
The Solar Eclipse of 15 February 2018 falls into your House of Shared Finance, insurance, taxes, etc. You come clean, such as paying off debts and resolving tax issues. This Solar Eclipse affects your partner’s finances, which will require significant financial changes.
Secret or unrealistic financial decisions may have been made and this Solar Eclipse brings all of this to the surface.
In the second half of February 2018 there is financial improvement, but still more expenses than income.

Your health and general condition is good and improves in the course of February 2018.
The zodiacal sign of Cancer is connected to the Moon. When the Moon is in her waxing phase, you feel better, you have more confidence, self-esteem and energy. This period is this month from 16 February 2018.
Jupiter is your planet of Health. The journey of the Great Benefactor Jupiter by Scorpio indicates good health and a positive attitude towards work. If you are happy at work or with your daily life, you feel much better. Pay attention of what you eat and drink, because you are inclined to eat of drink too much. Jupiter wants to exaggerate with everything, so pay attention. Watch your weight. Don’t wait when you are having complaints and go to the doctor on time, Cancer.
Regular exercise is so important. It does not matter what you do, running, swimming, cycling or taking a walk. Just move! And you sleep so much better when you are tired after training, so you nail two birds with one stone.

Especially in the first half of February 2018 it my feel like there’s nothing to hold on to.
You are emotional and restless. Especially then it is important to ground yourself. Connect with Mother Earth, feel the earth underneath your feet.
Don’t rush this month. Listen carefully to what is being said and especially to what is not.
Your strong and infallible intuition is your guiding light.
Speculative investments and foreign investments can be profitable, but don’t be rash.
Ensure that you are properly informed.

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