Aries February 2018


Aries February 2018

February 2018 is a great month for Aries. Finances, relationships and career are being favored.
The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 is the cosmic gateway to a period in which the focus will be on friendships and social activities. February 2018 is mainly a month in which social skills are the key to personal growth. Through networking and participation in social activities, targets may be achieved. From February 19, 2018, a spiritual period begins in which you have to take the time to reflect on what was and whatever may be.

Love and Relationships
February 2018 shows pleasant aspects for love and relationships!
The single Aries finds a new love at work with the help of senior colleagues or senior position. At this time of the year, Aries is looking for people to support the career or take you to the next level. It is possible that you fall in love with your boss or a business partner.
Friendships and group activities are important throughout the month. The focus is on your social life and networking. The energy in the fixed relationship is good, grounded and stable.
A wonderful energy to take your relationship to a new level. Of course it is good to pay attention to the partner, his or her desires, hopes and dreams. Giving and taking. This month you have to give more than you take, because your partner feels a little neglected. At the end of February 2018 there are some obstacles to overcome. A frank conversation solves most problems.

Family and Home
In February 2018 you have to pull out all the stops at home, Aries. The planetary forces are at the top of the Aries horoscope. Your career comes first and the private life is in second place. But right now your family really needs you.
The total Lunar Eclipse of 31 January 2018 has a big influence on your children, children in the family and children in your area. Children need your guidance and support. Because your career requires a lot of time, there is less time to do fun things together, to finish things at home or to deal with things. Try to find the right balance between private and career, because even this month you realize how important it is to have a stable home base. It is not always about you in the family or family. It would be better to give something more and to take less in your private life.

The New Moon of January 17, 2018 fell into your House of Career. This energy means there can be a promotion, new job, new business opportunities such as a new agreement or new negotiations, a new customer or more assignments and making plans for the long term.
Because of the influence of your planet Mars, February 2018 will also be dominated by company training, traveling for your work, contacts and doing business with foreign countries or foreigners.
Because of the cooperating planetary forces, February 2018 is a social month in which you are on the road meeting many people. The student Aries or the Aries in higher education will also be faced with further growth and changes this month. With your determination, the career opportunities are around every corner.

The best financial opportunities will come in February 2018 by doing business with foreign countries, foreign organizations and networking. Due to the influence of your financial planet Venus in Aquarius, groups and associations can lead to important new customers in February 2018, so visit as many fairs and seminars as possible in the first half of this month. Due to the financial information that you receive, income can be further improved. In the second half of February 2018 the telephone is indispensable for generating money. Family members and the elderly can also contribute to your financial position this month.
February 2018 is a favorable financial month, but invest your income wisely! As you can read in the annual horoscope, the first half of 2018 is intended to make financial preparations for May 2018.

Due to strong planetary pressure in your House of Neptune you have to pay special attention to your feet this month. Foot reflexology, pedicure treatment and foot baths are beneficial for you. Make sure wear sensible shoes.You will notice that dreams are lucid and predictive.
Jupiter in Scorpio is currently traveling through your House of Soul and Transformation.
The influence of Jupiter is healing in the areas of sexuality, intimacy, processing, fear and trauma. Jupiter in Scorpio can lead to releasing of anxiety. Allow this, because now is the best chance of dealing with things or targeted form of therapy. The influence of the Sun and Mars gives you physical strength and vitality this month.
Go to the gym, even when you are tired. When you exercise you automatically get more energy!

Because you are so busy with yourself and your career, there is less time for your partner. Ensure a good balance between private and career, Aries.
Good old Saturn travels together with Pluto through Capricorn which is your House of Career.
There are great professional steps to take and a lot of success can be achieved. But do not forget that you need each other to achieve and maintain success. By giving something more you get so much more. Do not be too ambitious. There’s nothing wrong with ambition, but less is more, Aries.
The first half of February 2018 is the best time to travel and to see what life has to offer you!