The theme in February 2018 is dedication and connection.
All planets are situated on the left side of the Aquarius horoscope.
February 2018 is just like the previous month a month of action, independence, determination and personal strength.
In general, the financial perspective is good, but family and health require special attention.
Again, spirituality, meditation and reflection will play an important role this month.
The Solar Eclipse of February 15, 2018 is in your sign, Aquarius!
Your universal solar cycle is in its growing phase. In this period you celebrate your new Solar Year. Congratulations, Aquarius!

Love and Relationships
The Lunar Eclipse in Leo of January 31, 2018 fell into your House of Relations. This cosmic event reveals hidden problems in your relationship this month. These problems have to do with yourself and not directly with your partner. By recognizing these problems you take the first step to free yourself from negative influences. You will only focus on those who make a valuable contribution to your life. Family problems can change your relationship this month. The relationship with your partner will usually be harmonious.
The single Aquarius adopts a wait-and-see policy. And that is just because you just get too much attention. February 2018 is all about connection. Closing new friendships. Because of your magnetic charm and the golden light of the Sun you attract people towards you, like a magnet. Aquarius is in a period of inner growth. It is now about yourself. Getting to know yourself. And the better you know yourself, the easier it will be to allow love. After Valentine’s Day you need some good advice. Take that advice to heart, Aquarius, but listen to your soul as well. The answers will come naturally.

Family and Home
In the coming months the focus is not so much on your career, but more on the house, family and emotional well-being. February 2018 is a good month to deal with domestic problems. Maybe there is a move, a renovation or plans for a joint holiday. In any case, there will be more time for your family or to strengthen the mutual bond, but also to come clean in the family.
Your planet Uranus in Aries gives you insight why the things happened the way they did in the family.
February 2018 can be a stressful month for family matters. There may be misunderstandings with children, brothers and sisters. A frank conversation can be enlightening. Here, too, the theme of connection is obvious. After all, the meaning of life is inextricably linked to reciprocal connection. One can not exist without the other.

All planets are situated on the left, the eastern sector of the Aquarius horoscope.\
February 2018 is just like the previous month a month of independence, action, determination and personal strength to create conditions for yourself instead of having to adapt to others. You achieve your goals on your own strength without needing the help of others.
Cooperation is always good, but it is your life, your rules. You follow your own path. There are no planets in retrograde this month, so you want to move forward, too!
Jupiter travels through your House of Career. In February 2018 Jupiter is supported by Pluto. Attention is paid to profession, career, reputation and social status. You meet the right people at the right moments. Big steps are being taken this month, but do not sit back and relax.
Jupiter makes it all possible, but in the end it’s you. You have to make that effort. You have to seize those opportunities. Connection and dedication are also the theme in your career. Connecting yourself with people at work leads to business success.
Invite people at your home, talk about the future vision of your company. In the second half of February 2018 you get the well deserved recognition that you desire. A romantic intermezzo at work distracts you, but after that it is business as usual.

The New Moon of January 17, 2018 is financially beneficial in the first half of February 2018.
A busy period at work is rewarded with a wage increase, bonus or compensation from the government. This will enable you to make long-term plans for your financial future. From February 19, 2018 the Sun enters your House of Finance. The Sun will strengthen Neptune in Pisces, which will show an increase of income. This is partly due to the financial contribution of your spouse, loved one, family or business partner. The ruler of the House of Finance is Neptune. Because of this influence you always have to be on your guard. Because of the influence of Neptune it is often difficult to keep control over your finances. Neptune rules the principle of detachment, where you are released from earthly matters. It is therefore difficult to keep an overview. So be cautious about making financial decisions or trusting someone who will arrange your financial affairs.
Be in control. The second half of February 2018 is suitable for starting a new project or for entering into a financial partnership.

The Moon symbolizes your health. Every time the Moon is in its Waxing phase, your health is also improving. New and Full Moons are always good energetic and vital days for you and for your sense of well-being. On February 15, 2018 there is a Lunar Eclipse and that means you have to be careful. You can get sick or something happens that prevents you from working.
This is a cosmic message to show you that things in your daily routine need to be improved.
Do not cross your own limits. Meditation and yoga bring you into balance.
Also healthy food, plenty of rest and regular exercise. You know it all, but it is not always easy to follow through on something.

The New Moon of January 17, 2018 fell into your House of Cosmic Consciousness.
The New Moon makes you to return to the Source. You want to find yourself through the influence of the New Moon. Just to unwind, relaxation and time to recover yourself. The journey back to yourself through a retreat brings body and mind in balance. It is possible that you decide to pack your suitcases to take a break. Just let it go.
Pluto and Saturn travel together in 2018 through your House of Cosmic Consciousness.|
The collaboration between Pluto and Saturn supports the Aquarius in processing and releasing old pain and karma. A form of therapy can be a guideline in this.

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