Libra December 2018


Libra December 2018

The planetary forces are located at the bottom of the Libra horoscope during this period of year.
The Night is about hibernating, emotional well-being, inner peace and happiness, family and domestic activities. In December 2018 the emphasis is on relationships, family, private, foreign, study, health and financial aspects.
The planetary forces are moving towards the western half of the Libra horoscope. In the coming months it is not about you, but of other’s interests and compromising. Collaboration will then be the key to success. December 2018 is a favorable month for health, education and finances.

Love and Relationships
Because of the fiery influence of Mars in your House of Love and Romance, there may have been turbulence last month and this influence may still be present in December 2018.
December 2018 makes the Libra extra attractive. It won’t be easy to please everyone or make the right choices. Spirituality is the common thread this month. The single Libra can find love in the church, in a spiritual center, spiritual fair or seminar. Mars is your planet of Relationships. The transit of Mars in Pisces shows that December 2018 is not really the month of collaboration.
You would rather do everything on your own and your partner does not really understand this. This could lead to tensions and frictions. December 2018 is a month of ups and downs, but the end of December 2018 shows beautiful romantic moments!

Family and Home
The New Moon of December 7, 2018 falls into your House of Communication, transport, short trips, siblings, neighbors and immediate living environment. The New Moon shows developments at the home front that ask for your attention such as changes at school or the search for the right branch of study or education for yourself or your children.
December 2018 shows a key word: creativity. This month you are busy (re)decorating your house or you are busy making a painting or artwork. Like no other, you know how to bring the right atmosphere and conviviality at home. From December 21, 2018, the Winter Equinox, the Sun travels through your House of Family and Home.
Events and influences from the past and upbringing come back to you. Pluto and Saturn in your House of Family and Home want to know what home and family means to you. Your home is a reflection of yourself. Who is your real family? Does your home offer you the protection and safety that you need? Everything that comes your way is meant to show you the right way. These are cosmic lessons that have to do with the past. The conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in the House of Family and Home symbolizes the years of “major clean-up“, a time of great inner processing.
At the end of December 2018 there may be an unexpected surprise!

The influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius makes you enthusiastic to activate your plans for the coming year. Until January 1, 2019, Mars in Pisces travels through your House of Work and daily routine.
Libra gets the opportunity to move mountains, to make structural changes and to finish projects according to plan, to end projects or to start a new project. However, in the first half of December 2018, retrograde Mercury shows that plans have to go back to the drawing board for some adjustments. However, great progress can be made in December 2018 at school, with a study, writing a book or report. Great month for students and teachers.
The Full Moon of December 22, 2018 falls into your House of Career. This influence can lead to beautiful developments, such as new job, promotion or reward and recognition for displayed commitment or more income in your company or a salary increase.
Cooperation can be difficult this month. You have to find the balance.
Take some time to reflect on the past year, Libra.
What are your goals for the coming year?

December 2018 shows a favorable financial month.
Due to the influence of retrograde Mercury in Scorpio in your House of Finances you can lose financial overview in the first week of December 2018.
There are uncertainties that have to do with your home or private expenses that ask for a solution. Financial possibilities and ideas from the past or tried and tested methods can help.
From December 3, 2018 Venus travels through your House of Finances. Your planet Venus feels at home in the House of Finances! This transit indicates a good financial period.
Be careful, because you are inclined to spend too much money.
Libra working in marketing and sales promotion are most successful this month. Innovative selling techniques and creative activities can also be profitable in December 2018. This month you can count on the financial support of family members and friends.

December 2018 shows a fluctuating month for your health.
It is important that you stick to a fixed schedule, because you are inclined to skip a training session or a meal.
The influence of Mars in Pisces until January 1, 2019 indicates a busy period. You want so much and all in one day. During this period there is more chance of stress. You are more vulnerable to catching a cold or getting an infection, rash or fever.
Listen to your inner voice and keep thinking positively. You are like an antenna: If you think positively, you radiate positivity and receive it again.
Keep thinking: Do I really want this? Do I really need this?

The influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius makes you enthusiastic to put your plans into action for the coming year. In the first half of December 2018, retrograde Mercury requires adjustments, but there will be action from the second half of December 2018. Learn from your experiences to secure your future.
Retrograde Uranus in Aries has temporarily returned to your House of Relationships.
In the past seven years your relationships have been put to the test, both private and business.
Until the beginning of March 2019 is the time to go the final mile.