December 2018 is all about the connection.
For Aries, Wintertime is all about career and worldly goals. In December 2018, most planets are situated at the top of the Aries horoscope.
Aries is focused on the future and develops strategies to achieve goals.
From the Winter Solstice, there will be a major shift to the eastern half of the Aries horoscope and the focus will be on personal strength and independence.
The main focus areas in December 2018 are career, finance, love, relationships, social activities, spiritual activities, study and travel. Your health needs extra attention, Aries.

Love and Relationships
Retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius can indicate the influence of an old love until early December 2018. Venus will travel through the House of Relationships until December 3, 2018 and from December 4, 2018 Venus travels through the House of Intimacy. The intense influence of Venus in Scorpio can have a healing effect on your relationship and helps to smooth out issues related to power, intimacy, finances and other emotionally charged issues. When all issues are smoothed out, nothing stands in the way for love.
December 2018 can be a harmonious month, both private and business. The single Aries feels attracted to mysterious and complex individuals by the influence of Venus in Scorpio. Love awaits at work, during networking, sports activities or social gatherings. From December 21, 2018 you can’t, under any pretext, allow yourself to skip parties, Aries!

Family and Home
December 2018 is all about connection, reunification and solution. There will be room to focus on making improvements to your home or living situation, including a better emotional relationship with senior family members. Jupiter in Sagittarius has a positive effect on the private life of Aries. The influence of Mercury in Sagittarius encourages you to study or go on a journey.
Traveling, reading books, studying or developing a creative project at home, it is all possible with this fiery influence of Jupiter. Plans will be defrosted!
The Full Moon of December 22, 2018 falls into your House of Family and Home and is the cosmic gateway to a change in your living situation, such as a move or renovation. It is possible that during your busy career you are renovating or buying real estate or you postpone these plans to a later period. The Full Moon shows that something has come to completion at home or in your family.

From November 9, 2018 Jupiter travels through the fire sign of Sagittarius. This influence makes adventurous, wants to travel and study. However, you’d better wait with your big plans until the New Moon in Sagittarius of December 7, 2018.
The New Moon of December 7, 2018 falls into your House of Philosophy of Life and Travels. Company training, business trips, foreign work and foreign countries are recurring themes this month. In December 2018 there may be many developments in the career. Growth is always nice, but it comes with more responsibilities. This month there are also changes in the company structure such as a reorganization. December 2018 is the month of great opportunities, but it can also turn out very different. Collaboration with colleagues and management is crucial this month. This is also the connection here. Stand your ground at work, in yourself and your environment.
In the second half of December 2018 you will receive appreciation and recognition for your unbridled commitment this year.

Venus is the financial planet for Aries. Venus is mainly in Scorpio this month and that is especially financially beneficial for your business partner or love partner! During the transit of Venus in Scorpio, a financial impulse from the government is possible or you can get financial benefits from your partner.
This month you can count on the financial support of family members, donation, windfall and more turnover in your own company. December 2018 is an expensive month, but try to keep unnecessary expenses within bounds and keep your financial overview.

From November 16, 2018, your planet Mars travels with Neptune through Pisces and through that the House of Subconscious and Release. Until the end of December 2018 you will then be very consciously and resolutely engaged in tackling unconscious problems in order to let go of all unnecessary baggage from the past. Until January 1, 2019, the focus remains on unconscious and unresolved problems.
It is possible that you have less energy this month. It’s advisable to take sufficient rest and relaxation this month. It is about your emotional and physical well-being.
The first three weeks of December 2018 are dominated by motion. Make sure you get a good warm-up when you exercise. Listen to your body, to how it feels. Your head wants so much, but your body has to come along! After Christmas, you need some rest.
Follow a fixed schedule, a regular routine! Take the time to relax and to eat.

From November 9, 2018 Jupiter is in the fire sign of Sagittarius and this fiery energy has a positive effect on Aries! However, due to the influence of Mars in Pisces, you are a little insecure and you try to hide that from the outside world.
But when it comes to dishonesty, you can get very angry! Standing up for yourself and others is good, but do not let yourself go. Take the time to look back on 2018. Have a time-out to reflect. Are you happy with what has changed?

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