August 2018 shows a month of initiative. The Cosmos wants to know what you want and what you can achieve on your own. As the planetary forces indicate, your career is on the back burner. It is a period of preparation for a busy period. That does not mean that nothing happens at all.
The focus in August 2018 is on creativity, health, education and finance, but love, home, family and career require your attention.
The Partial Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 confirms all your premonitions.

Love and Relationships
The influence of the Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 indicates a new commitment within your social circle, both business and private. Due to the cosmic influence of the Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018, you intuitively do the right thing in the field of love or you know how push the right button in a business relationship. There are many possibilities for the single Virgo, but the permanent relationship does show some challenges. Retrograde Mars can put the brakes on love in the second half of August 2018. In the relationship there is doubt or powerlessness. The relationship can be under pressure, because you both long for freedom. Be honest and openhearted. Talk to each other. Mars will remain in your House of Love until September 11, 2018 and that shows that it is high time to find solutions. In the second half of August 2018 it is time for relaxation.
Maybe on holiday together?

Family and Home
Because of the influence of Venus, August 2018 is a great month for a home study, but also to decorate your home. A new interior, redecorating your garden? The influence of Jupiter in Scorpio through your House of Communication shows better contact with neighbors or family members, a study, short break or visit.
The influence of retrograde Mars in the second half of August 2018 may indicate rebellious children. Children need love and space to grow and try their wings. Talk to each other, even if it is not easy. Think of yourself. Spread your wings and fly!
The last week of August 2018 is suitable for a vacation.

The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 fell into your House of Work. This cosmic event is the cosmic gateway to a new job if your current job does not suit you (anymore) or if you feel that you are not appreciated for your efforts.
The influence of the Red Warrior Mars travels through your House of Work and that indicates more work, but also more stress. Retrograde Mars may indicate a period of frustration at work and in daily life until the end of August 2018. You’re not making progress despite your best efforts.
Your planet Mercury is retrograde until August 18, 2018. It looks like it’s time to recharge your batteries and evaluate and adjust plans. There may be some problems regarding your work or colleagues. From the second week of August 2018 you enter a positive flow. Be patient.

Your planet of finance is Venus. Venus in Libra travels through your House of Finance from August 7, 2018! This is a powerful position for making financial decisions. Venus will stay in your House of Finance until September 9, 2018. Good financial period, be careful not to spend too much money. You are inclined by the influence of Venus to spend more money than you can afford.
Venus feels at home in Libra, so also in your House of Money, that’s why!
Money is spent on spirituality and charity! You receive what you give.

The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 showed the need for ergonomic adjustments at work and daily life. You need relaxation and fun and no stress! In the coming months there will be changes to make your daily life more pleasant. Retrograde Mercury until August 18, 2018 once again emphasizes the importance of releasing of old karma and pain.
The Solar Eclipse on August 11, 2018 clears the way to a period in which Virgo liberates herself from old karma in order to focus on the future.
Make time for relaxation and movement. Drink less coffee and more water! Go to bed on time!

The relationship can be under pressure, because you both long for freedom.
Be honest and openhearted. Talk to each other. Holiday is what you need to bond and restore the balance! Listen to your soul in everything you do.

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