Most planets are at the top of the Sagittarius horoscope which means this is the time of the year that you are focused on career and on worldly goals. This month there is an important planetary shift for the Sagittarius, because the next six months are all about independence, self-confidence and personal strength. The Cosmos wants to know what you want and what you can achieve on your own. The main areas in August 2018 are career, travel, study, spirituality, social activities, health, relationships and finances.

Love and Relationships
The partial Eclipse of July 13, 2018 took place in your House of Soul, Transformation and Intimacy. Issues that have to do with intimacy (yet) ask for a solution. It is up to you to strengthen the emotional bond with your partner and to break all negative contacts. Mars is your planet of Love. Mars is retrograde until August 26, 2018. That is why you have difficulty focusing, making contact and therefore more inclined to adopt a wait-and-see attitude. August 2018 is the month of conviviality and friendship. You love to be with friends and do fun things. In the first half of August 2018, the single Sagittarius finds love at spiritual places, in the library, schools and abroad.
In the second half of August 2018, love is linked to your career.

Family and Home
Retrograde Mercury until August 18, 2018 shows that problems in the family have to be solved.
In the first half of August 2018 there can be a family meeting, where there is still to be fixed.
The Full Moon of August 26, 2018 falls into your House of Family and Home. In the next two weeks, something in your family or home will come to completion. The Full Moon brings something new on the home front, such as a renovation or new interior. Maybe a move to another place and that may have to do with your career. A period of fun and the excitement to organize a party at home and meet new people. Perhaps it just feels like sometimes the walls are closing in on you and you are in need of personal space.

The transit of Uranus in Taurus through your House of Work indicates changes in your daily routine and in the workplace. It is possible that you will apply for a new job if you feel that your job does not (or no longer) suit you. You look for work that offers you more freedom or you revolt against obligations and responsibilities in your daily life. You are looking for a new challenge and freedom to gain new experiences.
The Solar Eclipse in Leo of August 11, 2018 is the cosmic gateway to push your boundaries in the next six months, for example by studying or going on a journey. Great time to present new ideas to the world. After August 2018, there will be some good news. Your enthusiasm contributes to your professional growth and encourages others to follow your example. You’ll be having a busy time at work, but it is also Summer. Make time for your friends and family to catch up and do fun things together. At the end of August 2018 it is good to recharge your batteries to get new inspiration. No Sagittarius can cope with so much stress for very long.

The Solar Eclipse of July 13, 2018 fell into your House of Shared Finance, insurance, taxes, etc. You are in the process of coming clean such as paying off debts and resolving tax issues. This Solar Eclipse has to do with the finances of your partner so drastic financial changes will be necessary. Financially, you have to be extra careful because of retrograde Mercury and retrograde Mars. Before you make a big investment or purchase, you first have to do your homework.
Retrograde Mars in the second half of August 2018 indicates financial problems or financial situations that require your attention. From August 27, 2018, Mars turns direct and from that moment things will be easier to make the right choices financially.

In August 2018 you can not complain about your health. And that’s all because of your enthusiasm. Make sure you eat healthy food and go to bed on time! A short nap in between also works wonders. Keep moving this month. Have a regular work-out, jogging or take a walk. Go to the beach and fill your lungs with the healthy breath of Mother Nature! Your good health is the driving force behind a successful career. Your body needs oxygen to function.
Jupiter travels through your House of Cosmic Consciousness. The cosmic power of Jupiter keeps you going, both physically and mentally. Jupiter supports you to let go of the past. Through the influence of Jupiter you understand where subconscious motivations and desires come from and what you can do to strengthen your inner self.

Until August 26, 2018, Mars is retrograde in Aquarius. During that period you have difficulty focusing or keeping up the pace. A weekly planner is indispensable now.
You have so many good plans. Write them all down, because your head’s all over.
Make time for relaxation. It is Summer, so take it slow.

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