Leo August 2018


Leo August 2018

The planet forces are still evenly distributed between the eastern and the western half of the Leo horoscope. You have to work your social charm on people in order to achieve your goals.
The interests of other people play a major role, but you show the world who you are.
August 2018 is full of confidence, attraction and happiness. The planetary shift towards the bottom of the Leo horoscope shows that the focus is less on career. This month is about family, emotional stability, finances, travel, study and creativity.

Love and Relationships
The total Lunar Eclipse of July 27 2018 can lead to stress or misunderstandings in the permanent relationship in August 2018. This cosmic event reveals hidden problems within your relationship. These problems have to do with yourself and are not related with your partner. Retrograde Mars through your House of Relationships can lead to tension in the relationship or cooperation until August 26, 2018. There may be misunderstandings from the past that are still dormant. Time to find a solution. Uranus is your planet of Relationships. Retrograde Uranus shows a period in which you are reluctant to start a new relationship or take a new step in the permanent relationship.

Family and Home
The transit of Jupiter through your House of Family and Home indicates a move, renovation, buying or selling real estate or expanding or refurbishing your home.
Jupiter in Scorpio shows a period of growth in the family and your home. Great period to move, to renovate or to strengthen mutual family ties. During this period there is a good atmosphere in the family and there is a greater chance that problems will be solved.

The Sun is connected to Leo. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 13, 2018 is the cosmic gateway to changes in your daily environment or in the workplace in order to make your work safer and more comfortable. Uranus in Taurus travels through your House of Career. Leo is faced with unexpected developments!
Venus is your planet of Career. The influence of Venus shows this month that you spend a lot of time talking. Applying for a job, negotiating, studying, all about preparation and perspective on career growth. Because of the presence of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn in your House of Work, pressure at work can sometimes be overwhelming. If a work situation is too much for you, you’ll be turning over a new leaf or something will automatically come your way that suits you.
In the second half of August 2018 you come to a decision regarding your career. Follow your heart, Leo.

Mercury is your planet of finance. Mercury in Leo is retrograde until August 18, 2018 which indicates that you have to be careful with your spending pattern. Financial transactions must be properly checked in advance. From August 19, 2018, there is a profit to be made when Mercury turns direct. There is money to be made with speculations and the good financial decisions.
The Full Moon of August 26, 2018 falls in your House of Shared Finance, money from the partner, insurance, taxes and loans. Money is released from these sources and you are able to meet financial obligations. There will be room for restructuring your expenses, tax advice and financial negotiations.

The Eclipse of July 13, 2018 fell into your House of Cosmic Consciousness. It is the energetic incentive to let go of old emotional energy and unhealthy habits. This Solar Eclipse is the cosmic gateway to important changes in your spiritual life and your experience of spirituality. There may be doubts about your belief and spirituality experience or there are profound changes in the spiritual organization to which you belong. Dreams can be lucid and predictive in nature.
Retrograde Mercury in the first half of August 2018 can lead to inner tensions and stress.
Leo who was born from 2 to August 5 will experience the most trouble from mid-August 2018 onward. When you feel like this, take it easy, Leo.

The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 is in your sign, Leo! The cosmic gateway to a period of a new beginning, new opportunities and unprecedented possibilities. The beginning of a new chapter. Your universal solar cycle is in its growing phase. In this period you celebrate your new Solar Year. Congratulations, Leo!
This high energy brings a lot of good, but also requires a lot of energy. Take care of yourself. Healthy food, exercising and drinking plenty of water help to keep up the pace.
The Solar Eclipse of 11 August 2018 really is a second chance, so take that opportunity.