Capricorn August 2018


Capricorn August 2018

A planetary shift takes place in the Capricorn horoscope, which will focus on personal strength and independence in the coming six months. Saturn is the planet that is connected to Capricorn. Saturn is retrograde, so that slows down and creates confusion about the path to be followed.
The planetary pressure on the top Capricorn horoscope shows that the focus in August 2018 is on the outside world, social life and career, but you are still building the infrastructure of your future success.

Love and Relationships
In love and in your social life, things remain pretty much the same, Capricorn. It is up to you to take action when you want to change something in your relationship. It is up to you to let your partner know what you are feeling, because others can't seem to figure you out. It only leads to confusion and distance when you send out the wrong signals. The relationship with your partner can come under pressure, because family members interfere with things that only concern you.
The first half of August 2018 can cause problems for the permanent relationship, both private and business. Stay clear and remain calm. The second half of August 2018 shows relaxation.
A new love can blossom and your friends want to get to know the person who makes you so happy. Party-time?

Family and Home
The focus is on the career and the outside world. Your career requires a lot of attention, so there is less time left for your private life and family. Being successful is fun, but it is even more fun to share it with loved ones. You need a safe harbor to anchor for the night.
So it is good to find the right balance.
The Full Moon of August 26, 2018 falls into your House of Family and Home. In your home or in the family, something comes to completion such as a creative project or renovation. Plans will be elaborated on in detail to move or there is an actual move because of your career.

The transit of Venus in Libra shows positive energy and growth in your career for the Capricorn until September 9, 2018. Your charm is your secret weapon during networking!
In the first half of August 2018 you will face a problem that you want to solve yourself. You do everything to redress a situation, but you can not do it on your own. Listen to that good advice. Others can not help you if they do not know what's going on, so put your pride aside and tell them what the problem is. In the second half of August 2018 you will have the opportunity to make a well-informed choice in your career.

Retrograde Mars returns to your sign, Capricorn. From August 14, 2018, Mars will stay there until September 12, 2018! Because of the influence of Mars, you have more energy to make money, but beware of impulse buying! Easy come, easy go with retrograde Mars in the House of Finance. Try balance income and expenses.
The Eclipses of 2018 will all affect your finances and so will the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 in your House of Shared Finance, Insurance, Taxes etc. There will be news about a financial issue that has stalled you in the second half of this year. You will be able to build up reserves, make an investment and strengthen your financial position. A clean slate, such as paying off debts and resolving tax issues. This Solar Eclipse has to do with the finances of your partner so that drastic financial changes will be necessary. There may have been secret or unrealistic financial decisions in recent months and this Solar Eclipse is bringing all of this to the surface.

August 2018 shows a favorable month for your health.
Regularity is and remains the key word! The career for Capricorn is at the top during this period of the year, so there is stress. That is why it is good to exercise regularly to relieve the stress. Cycling, swimming, running, no matter what you do!
Step back now and then. Go outside when things become too much for you and take off your shoes. With your bare feet on Mother Earth, crystal clear answers come naturally.
Do not be so stubborn and listen to the good advice of your friends who know you better than anyone else.

A solution can be found for everything.
Do not let yourself go whatever happens.
Stay calm and have a walk.
Listen to your heart and follow the path of your heart.
The correct path.