The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 13, 2018 was the cosmic gateway to a period of a new beginning, new opportunities and unprecedented possibilities!
You feel it, there is something in the air! However, Mars, your planet of Career, is still in retrograde until August 26, 2018, so you have to be patient. The focus this month is on others, health, family, children, recreation and finances. As the planetary forces indicate, your career is (still) on the back burner. It is a period of preparation, cooperation and adaptability. Patience, Cancer.

Love and Relationships
The Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018 asks for solutions to sensitive issues such as sexuality, obsession, intimacy and money issues that you share with your partner. Talk to each other if something does not feel right and rely on your intuition. In the second half of August 2018, retrograde Mars in the House of Relationships can lead to tensions and conflict in relationships, things could end up in a stalemate at work and privately. Relationships are being put to the test. It can be a violent roller coaster of emotions, but in the end there will be clarity.
The single Cancer may fall in love at a party at home or with friends, so do not look too far!
In the second half of August 2018 things settle down. The icing on the cake is in the last weekend of August! Retrograde Uranus in Taurus can lead to changes in your social network. Friends come, friends go. Let yourself be carried away on this cosmic flow, Cancer. This was meant to be.

Family and Home
Because of the influence of Venus, you feel like having a party at home with your friends.
Things call for a celebration in the first half of August 2018! Through Venus’ influence, august 2018 is a harmonious period at home. You love to be at home. Favorable period for a new interior or renovation.
In the third week of August 2018, your help in the family is called upon. You do good things, and good things happen to you.
The Full Moon of August 26, 2018 shows a journey with family or a celebration to kind of some closure. There is a legal proceeding regarding a family issue.

Mars is your planet of Career. Mars in Aquarius is retrograde and that means: Take one step at a time. There is no point in trying to force things. This period until the end of August 2018 is meant to determine your strategy and adjust if necessary. Retrograde Mars shows you what went wrong and what you can do to fix things. There are people from your past that cross your path enabling you to solve existing problems. Due to the influence of retrograde Mars, you do not feel like working hard. This cosmic influence is also meant to slow down and recharge your batteries, because soon things speed up! Favorable month for athletes due to the influence of direct Jupiter. In the last week of August 2018, a business situation may take you down. Stay calm, because at the end of August 2018 there will be good news.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius of July 27, 2018 calls for solutions for delicate money issues that you share with the partner. In the coming six months there will be a change in the financial situation of your spouse, loved one, a family member or business partner.
The Solar Eclipse of August 11, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. This Solar Eclipse strengthens the financial Lunar Eclipse of July 27, 2018. This indicates an improvement in your financial situation and the arrival of financial opportunities in the coming six months through developments in your career. Profit can be achieved through social contacts, the application of cost-saving techniques, sales and marketing activities and saying goodbye to everything that no longer serves you.
This Solar Eclipse is the gateway to new financial possibilities. A shift of perspective on value and possessions. However, retrograde Mercury in Leo in your money sector until mid-August 2018 shows a warning and the importance of a financial buffer.

The Solar Eclipse in Cancer of July 13, 2018 means a redefinition of yourself, your personality and self-image. Your personal energy field will change, so your outer appearance will change, for example, a new hairstyle or way you dress.
August 2018 is marked by personal renewal and high energy, so don’t forget to work-out!
When you work-out regularly, go to bed on time and eat well, you feel so much better.
Let go of that bad habit at last!

Do not suppress your emotions, but give in to it. The contact with yourself is the best contact one can have. No one can feel what you feel. Only you can restore the contact with your emotional self. No one else but you can do that. Jupiter is your planet of health. Now that Jupiter is no longer retrograde, you are unstoppable. Give in, Cancer. If you want to go, just go for it!
Talk to each other if something does not feel right and rely on your intuition.

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