Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus. Venus travels through Taurus from April 1, 2018 to April 24, 2018!
The Sun radiates in your own sign of Taurus from April 21, 2018! This makes April 2018 a favorable month for your health, well-being and finances.
Most planets are located in the eastern section of your horoscope.
You have complete freedom to make necessary transformations in your life and to lead your life as you wish. In April 2018, the planetary forces are moving further to the lower half of the Taurus horoscope. That means that the outside world becomes less important and that the focus is shifted to your inner world.

Love and Relationships
In your private life, this month’s theme is commitment, but also in your social circle and business network, long-term commitments are being made.
As of March 9, 2018, however, you are dealing with Jupiter in retrograde in your House in Relationships. Jupiter in retrograde allows you to look at relationships both business and private from another perspective. This month there are new friendships and enriching connections. But Jupiter in retrograde asks you to be selective and to rely on your feelings.
The energy of the Full Moon of April 30, 2018 in your House of Relationships guarantees romantic moments, but also changes in relational matters. A proposal, a promise or the conclusion of a business agreement. Whatever it will be in the coming weeks, it could be an end or a beginning which will be a new way for both parties.
The Full Moon is also a moment to review all your relationships and this strength reinforces the message of Jupiter in retrograde in Scorpio. Breaking-up or progress to a deeper level?

Family and Home
The first three weeks of April 2018 show a challenging period. A restless atmosphere at home can be related to your career or with plans related to a move, renovation or new interior.
The transit of the red warrior Mars by Capricorn is the moment par excellence for Taurus to implement projects. The Moon symbolizes communication skills for the Taurus. What’s the best time to discuss something? Every time the Moon is in its crescent phase, its energy is also stronger and the best time to bring your plans forward. That is from April 17 to April 30, 2018. Things can be solved with more mutual understanding and input.

The Full Moon of March 31, 2018 fell into your House of Work. The first half of April 2018 is therefore the best time to complete existing projects at work and at home or to solve any problems with a business partner, colleague or customer.
Due to Jupiter in retrograde in Scorpio, you can face headwind at work. Headwind usually has to do with envy. Do not make it worse than it is, but go along with this flow and bring light into a negative situation. In this period of self-development, ambition and drive, there are big steps to take in your career, so don’t let anything throw you, no matter how difficult the situation. A friendly word and a smile do so more than you would think.
Not everything is gold that glitters this month, if something or someone seems to be too perfect, then often the opposite is the case. Of course you do not have to reject everything. Learning from an experience is good, as long as you learn from it.

April 2018 is generally a favorable financial month. Mercury is your planet of finances!
The retrograde periods of Mercury have a direct impact on the finances of Taurus. Sensible budget management is advisable. Mercury is in retrograde until April 14, 2018. The temptation of Venus is that you are inclined to spend more money than you can afford. The retrograde period of Mercury is precisely meant to smooth things financially and that is something you have to do.
From April 25, 2018 to May 19, 2018, your personal planet Venus travels through the House of Finances and that is a favorable financial period to get a good return on investments and financial projects. This month, money is spent on health and humanitarian goals. Read the fine print and make sure your financial administration is in order. That is always a good advice, but with Mercury in retrograde it’s almost vital.

April 2018 is a favorable month for your health and well-being, but you do need some attention, Taurus.
A regular good massage is beneficial to feel yourself whole again.
The New Moon of April 16, 2018 falls into your House of Cosmic Consciousness. You need more relaxation in the second half of April 2018. Have a little vacation to find yourself. Time for yourself to read a good book, meditate and relax. Spring is coming and maybe you feel over-weight. Then it’s time to move. Running, walking, go to the beach. You really have to work your body, because that does not happen by itself. If you can’t make it on your own, look for help. Working out together is fun and is just the big stick that you need. Healthy food does the rest.

This month, your charm is your secret weapon to get what you desire.
With a sweet smile you get everything done.
Spirituality plays a big role in April 2018. Mercury in retrograde in your House of Cosmic Consciousness until April 14, 2018 reminds you of what needs to be changed. You will learn who you are during that period.
Perhaps you have lost something and what you retrieve you really need. What you find is necessary to find yourself again.

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