April 2018 shows a month of contradictions for Scorpio.
The planetary shift to the top half of the Scorpio horoscope indicates that the energy of the outside world is getting stronger and that you have to make a choice between home and career opportunities. Collaboration and adaptation to others and situations to achieve your goals are recurring themes in this period.
April 2018 is a fantastic month for health, finances and love, but your career and private life require attention.

Love and Relationships
Venus is connected to your House of Relationships. Venus unites with the Sun in Taurus and this golden bond leads to loving moments in the first three weeks of April 2018.
Open yourself and embrace love. For the single Scorpio there are many opportunities to find love, but again: open yourself and love finds you naturally.
Do not stay at home, but look for places where people come together. For instance, a fair, a symposium, social gatherings or an amusement park, but in the workplace or health center you may fall in love. From a business perspective too, this is a favorable position for establishing commitments or for entering into a business contract. You are a true source of inspiration for your environment and together you are invincible. Your spontaneous actions and reactions are paying off, because everything comes straight from your soul. Your social life is flourishing and shows exciting developments.

Family and Home
The first three weeks of April 2018 are going well, but in the last week of April 2018 there may be a difference of opinion. It is advisable to solve domestic problems now, because soon your career will require a lot of attention from you. Talk about it. A problem only gets bigger if you ignore a problem. Peace at home also means peace in your soul. Spend more time to work on improving the mutual relationship by activities such as fun outings with your family. Jupiter in retrograde in the House of Scorpio asks you in this period what integrity means to you. Are you honest and sincere towards yourself and others? Do you agree with own behavior and the choices you make in your private life and in your career?

This month, you’ll have to be on your toes ! All that glitters isn’t gold and if something is too good to be true, take some distance. Mercury in retrograde in Aries leads to a change at work in the first half of April 2018 in case there are still issues that have not been resolved. In this period, you’d get another job or a return to an earlier job or to proven methods. Family can play a big role in finding a suitable job.
April 2018 is a busy month at work where a methodical approach is the best.
The New Moon of April 16, 2018 falls into your House of Work. This is a great moment for Scorpio to start a new project. This New Moon shows a productive period in which collaboration is number one. You are working hard to get all the work done, but it is also meant to be to improve your work environment to make it more practical, safer, healthier and more productive.

Jupiter is your planet of finance. Jupiter in Scorpio turned in retrograde last month and will continue so until July 9, 2018. That means that time is needed to do more financial research about the financial feasibility of a project. In April 2018 and in the coming month, caution is required before making major purchases or making an investment.
April 2018 is a favorable financial month, but that largely depends on the choices you make. There is money to be made, but only if you are clear about your financial goals.

In the first half of April 2018, Mercury in retrograde makes you to ease down at your work. The Sun in Aries travels through your House of Health until April 20, 2018.
That makes April 2018 the perfect month for a form of therapy or medical examinations.
The New Moon of April 16, 2018 would be the start of a therapy, a new diet or a health program. At least a good time to check your blood pressure.
Stop unhealthy habits and leave negative people. A healthy and balanced diet and sufficient exercise is important to stay physically and mentally in shape. A healthy relationship with your body is the way to health.

If something is too good to be true, it is.
Stay critical.
Disagreements about something that matters to you in your relationship, whether private or business, will be solved by communicating openly and honestly.
In the workplace too, open and honest communication is the best way to solve a disagreement.
Life can be tempting, but do everything in moderation, then you do it well.
Not too much at the same time and that goes for everything you do.

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