Most planets are in the western half of the Libra horoscope in April 2018.
Collaboration is the key to achieve your goals.
April 2018 is all about love, your social life and finances, but due to Mercury in retrograde, you should pay attention to career and health.
The planetary forces are now moving up to the top of the Libra horoscope, shifting the focus to career and the outside world.

Love and Relationships
With most of the planets on the right of the Libra horoscope, your social life flourishes.
Mercury in retrograde in your House of Relationships can lead to communication problems or problems in the relationship until April 14, 2018. That may have to do with the return of an old flame. The influence of Venus causes unexpected passionate developments, but also tensions and unrest due to the interference of others.
In a relationship it is advisable to keep on communicating. Stay open and be honest. No secrets. It is more difficult to keep a secret than to tell the truth.
The New Moon of April 16, 2018 falls into your House of Relationships. Someone can cross your path that will play a major role in your life or you will take a new step in a relationship such as a marriage proposal, marriage, a new friendship, business partnership or other form of cooperation to get a project off the ground. A new chapter!
The single Libra finds love at work, in the social circle, a meeting, symposium, trade fair or health center.

Family and Home
In the first three weeks of April 2018, there may be tension at home, but that will improve. House, family and emotional well-being remain unchanged by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, but soon there will be a period in which your ambitions will dominate. The balance between a successful career and a happy and harmonious family life remains of the utmost importance.
Saturn and Pluto in retrograde in Capricorn marks a longer period of great inner processing.
Your home where you live reflects yourself. It is possible that you plan to move or you are actually moving house or changing the interior. The influence of Mars in the House of Family and Home adds extra energy to Saturn and Pluto to have the energy to do just that or to do nice activities with your family.

April 2018 shows a productive month for the Libra. April 2018 also offers you a platform to ventilate what is going on in your work. Your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your inspirations. By showing more of yourself, there will be more room for a breakthrough.
You do not have to remain in the background, because your contribution is very valuable.
You have so much to offer. Collaboration is the key to success, but you remain the captain on your own ship. If you want something, you have to go for it. Only you can do that, no one else can do that for you. The last week of April 2018 shows a pleasant surprise in the workplace.

Jupiter in retrograde in Scorpio indicates you have to be careful with all your investments and purchases. Jupiter in the House of Finance asks whether your finances are in order.
Financial delays during this period are interwoven with this question. When it comes down to the material, “you need to have something in order to possess something”.
But what does possession mean to you? What is the added value of property?
What is valuable to you? Learn to hold on to what you have, let go what you do not need.
The Full Moon of April 30, 2018 falls into your House of Finance. This shows more money for the next month due to a salary increase, another job or more turnover in your company.

In the coming period, your career will demand a lot of you, so stress is just around the corner.
It is good to ease up. Provide adequate relaxation. Have a power nap in between. Stay physically and mentally in motion, even if you are tired and do not want to be active. You become more tired of a bad posture, unhealthy diets and lack of physical activity than sports or a nice walk.
Relaxation and regular massages are beneficial.
Finding the balance between work and private life is and remains important.

Tell what lies on your heart. When you express yourself, you illuminate the soul. Do not bottle things up, but tell what is going on.
Also in your relationship it is advisable to keep communicating. Stay open and honest, no secrets for each other. It is more difficult to keep a secret than to tell the truth.

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