Most planets are located at the bottom of the Aquarius horoscope.
The focus is on your private life and your family. Stabilizing the home base! It provides the safe foundation on which your future success will be built. This is the period in which you prepare, plan, visualize, and dream. The family and family is of great importance.
The financial situation, career and health are favorable in April 2018.

Love and Relationships
The Sun in Aries shifts attention to communication in the relationship in the first three weeks.
For the single Aquarius a new love awaits at school, the library, during a walk or maybe at the neighbors. In any case, you need to be on the same line with each other.
You do not have to look far for love this month. Your family and social network are also a source for finding a new love. In the fixed relationship, love returns to its full glory and you fall in love again as it was in the beginning.

Family and Home
Mercury in Aries in retrograde indicates deep conversations about the past and the reconsidering views. In the family atmosphere there are sensitive issues that need to be resolved. The mutual relationship with close relatives has changed over the past seven years or the family relationship has been disturbed in one way or another by the influence of your planet Uranus in the sign of Aries. The New Moon of April 16, 2018 falls into your House of Communication. Maybe you wanted to tell something important, but something stopped you. It is now time to have your say.
From this moment on you want to look back to the past and look at family photo albums.
To create your own space you will make room in the house by cleaning your attic or basement.
The influence of Venus in Taurus improves the mutual atmosphere. In the second half of April 2018 things become peaceful. It is still quiet, but soon this will change. So why not a short vacation?

April 2018 shows the prelude to a completion of something in your career. There is a promotion or similar recognition of your efforts in your career. In any case, you are bursting with good ideas and intentions. In the first half of April 2018 you make things right with a colleague.
In your own company you are open to ideas from your employees.
Jupiter in Scorpio creates great chances for progress in your career, but only when you put your heart into it. Jupiter in retrograde in the House of Career and Destination asks you if you are satisfied with your career and your social status. Do you find it important how others think about you? Can you keep your promises socially? With integrity and honesty you achieve more and recognition and success come naturally to you. Take your stage, but also know how to shine in the background.

Due to Mercury in retrograde, you have to be cautious about speculation or taking financial risks in the first half of April 2018. You are building financial security. Hold that good intention, because in the coming months you will notice that this is going to bear fruit! However, you now also see the consequences of a nonchalant and extravagant attitude in recent months.
This month, money is spent on household appliances and communication equipment for your company. Your computer, cell phone, car or other means of transport can be repaired or replaced.

The first three weeks of April 2018 are beneficial for your health, but after that you need more rest and relaxation.
You start the month with fresh energy. You like doing sports. But when you forget to exercise, you notice painful limbs and a bad mood. However, do not cross the line and listen to your body.
The Moon symbolizes your health. Every time the Moon is in its Crescent phase, your health is also improving. New and Full Moons are always good energetic and vital days for you and for your sense of well-being.
Make sure you have a varied diet, exercise, sufficient rest and relaxation in between.
Good health is a gift. For the most part, you have it in your own hands.

The first half of April 2018 is suitable for tackling domestic and emotional problems. Your brilliant and strategic way of thinking will come in handy several times in this busy month!
The Full Moon of April 30, 2018 falls into your House of Career. In your career something comes to completion such as a project or a company-oriented course. A great moment to realize career plans that you have been considering for a while.

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