Virgo October 2017


Virgo October 2017

Jupiter in Scorpio and the Node in Leo show this month that Virgo will bring out the spiritual side.
Because of the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio, you are interested in increasing knowledge this month. You want to share that knowledge with others through education or communication. Also you are going on a trip!

Love and Relationships
October 2017 shows an interesting month for Virgo.
Love can be unpredictable to Virgo due to the influence of Neptune in the House of Relations. You are afraid to establish a regular relationship and therefore you want to keep it light and breezy. Making a promise like an engagement may be delayed a while, as you still have some way to go. Your social circle may be under pressure this month. All underlying problems in all your relationships come to the surface. These issues need to be addressed. Some friendships will be broken, but other friendships become even stronger through honesty. Honesty is the best policy, even though honesty can sometimes hurt. Not everyone appreciates your commitment.
At the beginning of the month there is a special encounter. At the end of the month, this encounter may have developed into a love relationship.

Family and Home
Saturn will remain in your House of Family and Home until the end of December 2017. From the end of December 2014, the presence of Saturn here has taught you many lessons in your home, family or living situation. Because of Saturn's influence, you are making peace with your past. In about 14 years, you will see the results of the decisions you made during this educational period. This month, Saturn brings clarity in family affairs. You have gained insight into your past why things turned out this way. By understanding the past you are able to forgive. A move to another location, a new start or just building a stronger foundation for your family. When Saturn leaves your House of Family and Home from December 20, 2017, it feels like a relief. The influence of Jupiter on the last degrees of Libra makes it easier for you to release things to go on. Letting go of the old to be able to make a new start.

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7th 2017 fell into your House of Work. In October 2017 and in the coming months, you decide to change things when you are not satisfied with the work that you do. During this period, projects are completed, there is a reward for your commitment, a new job or improvements in your work environment.
From October 11, 2017, Jupiter travels through Scorpio. That means a period of unprecedented possibilities! The power of Jupiter in Scorpio gives you a unique cosmic opportunity and perseverance to reach your career goals. October 2017 is a good month. By working hard you make good progress, even when you want to slow down things a little. Romance, private life, family and traveling will distract you, but now you must do your best to listen to your head. Keep your feet on the ground.

The Full Moon of October 5, 2017 and the New Moon of October 19, 2017 in your Houses of Finance show that there are changes in the financial status of your partner or companion, which necessitates financial adjustment. Money comes in from insurance, tax, alimony, repayment or loan. There may also be more money, because you or your partner gets another job.
However, be careful when making new investments. It is advisable to reduce unnecessary expenses. Virgo gets the support of friends and partner to value financial projects. Important investments and purchases will take place between 20 and 28 October 2017. Jupiter in Libra will remain in your House of Finance until October 10, 2017. This impact has led to new financial opportunities to ensure financial stability and security.

Autumn month October 2017 is the month you feel and feeds you. You love this season of changing lights and coloring leaves. Nature gives you peace and inner nutrition.
In October 2017 your health is good. Go outside as much as possible. Do not go to worry, but allow your pain to flow away into Mother Earth. Answers just pour out. The trees give you the answers you are looking for.
Jupiter will enter your Communication House from October 11, 2017. Jupiter offers you mental energy over the next twelve months. Talk and share this energy openly. Open up and express yourself. This energy makes you lighter and more optimistic and that has a positive effect on your physical condition.

Self-sacrifice in the permanent relationship has been a recurring theme this year. Sometimes you compromise too much, Virgo. We must all make compromises, but not at all costs. You lose more than you win. You can’t give what you do not have. You are good as you are. This insight comes to you several times this month.