Taurus October 2017


Taurus October 2017

The planetary forces are changing direction in the Taurus Horoscope. The outside world and career are becoming increasingly important and private life will shift to the background.
The month of October 2017 is the perfect month for ambitious projects and work.

Love and Relationships.
Due to the presence of Venus and Mars in the House of Love, October 201 shows a complicated month for love and relationships. In the second half of October 2017 there are many opportunities to find a new love. A new love can grow and in a steady relationship, new steps like marriage or pregnancy, are being taken. But in the steady relationship there may be unrest.
The influence of Venus and Mars also brings anxiety to your life, especially when it comes to romance. You are in a flirting mood. In fact, you're not seriously looking for a potential partner, but it’s all about getting attention. The second half of October 2017 is filled with romance. The end of the month shows passion!

Family and Home
The last Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 has an impact on your private life and family life. There are conflicts in the family that have changed or will change mutual relationships. October 2017, however, allows space to create a harmonious solution for a difficult situation. As you can see under Love and Relationships, this month can be complicated to Taurus. Love can be very passionate, but it can also lead to unnecessary conflicts. A permanent relationship can be under pressure. Children and pregnancy issues are often the cause of tensions in your private life.

October 2017 shows a favorable month for your career. Career opportunities are also positively influenced by the Solar Eclipse of August 21th of 2017.
However, your enthusiasm leads you to nowhere. You promise more than you can deliver. Or you're looking for the dream job that offers you everything you want. But that dream job does not exist. You’d be looking for something that won’t give you all that you want. Your expectations are too high. You would be much happier with a job that offers your security and orientation, trust me. The more informed you are, the happier you are. Make your wishes known, but stay close to yourself. The days 13 and 14 October 2017 are successful days for your career. You will finally get good results for all your efforts. In the third week of October 2017 there may be a power struggle, at work. Have a little patience. Your patience will be rewarded, Taurus.

The financial outlook for Taurus looks good this month. You may count on the financial support account of friends and relatives. The beneficial influence of Jupiter in Libra will help you achieve your financial goals in the first week of October 2017. There is a profit in the first half of this month through speculation or investments.

October 2017 shows a good month to lose weight.
October 2017 is also the month of many temptations. The temptation for eating, drinking or going out. However, it would be wise to take care of your health. Moderation, Taurus. Sufficient sleep, good food and regular exercising is all you need to remain fit and healthy. You are very sensitive now as the nights grow longer, the days become shorter and the light changes. Right now, it's good to recharge your batteries in the Autumn Gardens of Mother Nature.

In the first week of October 2017 you may be undermined. It's wise to keep it cool. In the second half of October 2017 you will find the inspiration to fully focus your energy. However, in the third week of October 2017, once again you will be facing a power struggle. At the end of the month, things settle down.