Sagittarius October 2017


Sagittarius October 2017

Saturn remains in your sign until December 9, 2017. In October 2017 there are lessons to be learned. When Saturn enters the Capricorn on December 21th, 2017, the worst is behind you, but you will be given the opportunity to make significant changes to your life. Things will be heading in the right direction. Spirituality plays a big part this month.

Love and Relationships
Jupiter will remain in your House of Hope, Friendships and Dreams until October 10, 2017. Jupiter provides social connections and opportunities to make your dreams come true. From October 11, 2017, a period of mental depth begins in which you need more space for yourself. Friendships are very important to you this month. Discussing, talking, sharing ideas. Talking about hope for the future, dreams, fears, wishes, in short, talking about life. The second half of October 2017 shows a beautiful journey with your loved one or with friends. Perhaps you make a journey with yourself or within yourself. Love can be found within your circle of friends. Friends play the role of cupid or mediate in case of conflict between you and your lover.

Family and Home
The Solar Eclipse in Pisces of February 26, 2017 has led to a relocation or renovation, reunion, gathering or joint vacation with your family. This month you will evaluate these events and the impact of these events on your life. Neptune in Pisces in your House of Family and Home shows a theft or nuisance of pests or problems with water pipelines in your house. Children can affect your relationship. This month you will take clear steps in order to make more time for each other.

Due to the influence of the Node in Leo, career opportunities have been created abroad or there are work-related contacts with foreign countries. October 2017 shows a productive and efficient period, both in your permanent job and in your own business. Also a good period to find work. Despite some challenges at work, things look good for you. Your open and social attitude is appreciated by your colleagues. But talk to your associate, boss or colleagues when something is bothering you, Sagittarius. You can work things out when you talk. At the end of the month there is some exciting news.

Pluto in Capricorn has been traveling through your House of Finance since early 2009. Pluto in Capricorn has tested your sense of value and property. What means security to you, what means value to you, what is valuable to you? Many Sagittarians have lost so much in this period, but also recovered, although not so much. Have confidence in your own resilience and know how to take care for yourself. Very soon, Saturn is going to accompany Pluto for a long period. Saturn teaches you the value of property, how to economize, making good financial decisions in order to get a stable financial base for now and in the future. It is therefore advisable to be economical and to add a buffer. There will also be financial challenges this month, as of 21 October 2017 there is a slight improvement.

The Lunar Eclipse of August 7th 2017 fell into your House of Communication. This month you are going to let go more and more things from the past. Peace comes to you. It becomes easier to communicate and to say what you think. Jupiter will enter your House of Cosmic Consciousness from October 11th, 2017. A period of twelve months begins to release old emotional pain or to work out karma. Due to planetary influences, there will be emotional turmoil in the first half of October 2017. At the end of the month you are restless. When you feel restless, you need physical exercise and relaxation.

Communicating is the key to reaching out to yourself and each other, Sagittarius. Words and deeds show what you feel. Let your heart and mind speak! The second half of October 2017 is the best time to travel. Together or alone, that does not matter. At the end of the month a nice surprise is waiting for you.