Libra October 2017


Libra October 2017

Until October 10th 2017, Jupiter is still traveling through your sign, Libra. During this twelve month transit, your natural skills have been strengthened and you have grown as a person. October 2017 shows a pretty beautiful month. Venus is connected to Libra. Venus will influence various aspects of your life this month, especially career and health.

Love and Relationships
The Partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius of August 7, 2017 fell into your House of Love. This cosmic event has led to a great need for freedom, but more to appreciation and respect. This month and until the beginning of 2018, problems will be resolved within the relationship and the relationship will be strengthened. The single Libra is looking for a connection on soul level. Also in the permanent relationship, you desire a deeper emotional connection.
Friendships and other social contacts that do not add value to your life will be broken. What you now want is unconditional love in October 2017, but especially valuable love. Problems in your marriage and existing relationships will be solved. But if problems prove to be insoluble, make the right choice for yourself. In October 2017 a new love for Libra will be found in the workplace.

Family and Home
The influence of Saturn in Sagittarius leads to improvement in relations with brothers and sisters until mid-December 2017, or you decide to break up the relationship with them. In October 2017 you will make a final decision if you have not already done so. Starting December 21th, 2017, Saturn's journey begins through your House of Family and Home. So you are now paving the way for a new phase in your life. Until the end of March 2020 you will face issues with home and family. What does home and family mean to you? Who is your real family? Does your home provide you with the care, protection and security you need? There may be major problems, but these are meant to show you the right way.

You have grown a lot this year. For example, in October 2017 you can make the final transition abroad. October 2017 shows that the professional prospects at the beginning of this month are somewhat unstable and unpredictable. There are challenges, but in the long run there is success. Due to the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio, there is a chance of promotion, profit and social success this month! From October 11, 2017, Jupiter travels through Scorpio! Jupiter in Scorpion also brings less good qualities such as greed to the surface, but these must be recognized first in order to achieve your goals. At the end of October 2017 there is good news.

The year 2018 will be a good financial year for the Libra, thanks to Jupiter in Scorpio. Scorpio is connected with the House of Finances for Libra! All that has happened this year and what is happening in October 2017 and is still going to happen this year is actually a preparation for what will happen in 2018. From October 11, 2017, Jupiter enters your House of Finance. One year of major financial opportunities begins. Take advantage of this financial energy! October 2017 is a financially favorable month. Profit can be achieved through creative projects and by using better communication techniques.

This month there is a lot of inner stress and tension through changes at work and in your personal life. Saturn in Sagittarius also shows a more serious pessimistic and realistic attitude in October 2017. It all depends on yourself or you allow negative effects. In the first three weeks of October 2017, your health is a bit wobbly. You need relaxation. Your energy level remains high, making it possible for you to cope with all the challenges this month. This month your teeth will bother you. Also, you have to go to the toilet more often. Rule is also the magic word this month. Both in physical exercising and in your diet.

At the beginning of October 2017 there is stress and you are out of balance.
Try to recover your balance to (re)find yourself. Relaxation, love, reading, the beauty and magic of life. Celebrate life! Even if the odds seem so unsporting in the middle of this month, you should think that this also has a reason. Just take a step back. From October 23, 2017, Mars in Libra gives you the power and drive to successfully end the year 2017.
In the last week of October 2017 there is some good news. Maybe a short holiday in between?